Accio Robotics Accelerates Warehouse Automation with $1.8M Funding Boost

Empowering the Future of Warehousing: Accio Robotics’ Visionary Approach to Automation


Bengaluru-based startup Accio Robotics has recently announced securing $1.8 million in a Pre-Series A funding round. The investment, co-led by BIG Capital, Unisync Angels, and Daniel Fitzgerald, marks a significant milestone for the company. With a focus on warehouse automation, Accio plans to utilize the funds to enhance its technology and product team, expand internationally, and deploy more cutting-edge robots.


Founded by Pranav Srinivasan and Tuhin Sharma, Accio Robotics specializes in providing innovative solutions for warehouse automation. The company has developed a sophisticated robotics system designed to revolutionize how businesses manage order picking within their warehouses. This latest funding round follows a previous injection of $430,000 from investors, including 100X.VC, CIO Angel Network, and a group of angel investors.

Funding Details:

The $1.8 million funding round was co-led by BIG Capital, Unisync Angels, and Daniel Fitzgerald, showcasing strong investor confidence in Accio Robotics’ potential. Notably, existing supporters such as Roots Ventures and Anuj Bihani, founder of Impaqt Robotics, also participated in the funding round. This injection of capital positions Accio Robotics for significant growth and technological advancement in the warehouse automation sector.

Accio Robotics

Future Plans:

Accio Robotics has outlined strategic plans for utilizing the fresh capital infusion. A primary focus is on bolstering its technology and product team, ensuring the continuous development of cutting-edge robotics solutions. The funds will also be directed towards building channels for international expansion, allowing Accio to tap into global markets. Additionally, the startup aims to deploy more robots, further establishing its presence in the warehouse automation landscape.

Industry Impact:

Accio Robotics’ innovative approach to warehouse automation has the potential to transform the logistics and supply chain industry. By streamlining order picking processes through robotics, businesses can expect increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced overall productivity. The startup’s commitment to advancing its technology aligns with the growing demand for automation solutions in the rapidly evolving global market.


With the successful completion of the $1.8 million funding round, Accio Robotics is well-positioned to propel its warehouse automation offerings to new heights. The support from prominent investors not only validates the company’s potential but also signifies a growing recognition of the importance of robotics in revolutionizing traditional industries. As Accio Robotics continues to innovate and expand its reach, the future holds exciting possibilities for the intersection of technology and warehouse management.

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