SalarySe Secures $5.25 Mn Funding to Revolutionize Credit-On-UPI for Salaried Class

Empowering Salaried Individuals: SalarySe’s Innovative Credit-on-UPI Approach Reshapes Financial Inclusion in India


In a significant development for the fintech sector, Credit-on-UPI app SalarySe has successfully raised $5.25 million in its latest seed funding round. The funding was led by Peak XV Partner’s Surge program, with participation from early-stage VC fund Pravega Ventures. This injection of capital comes as a major boost for SalarySe, a startup founded in June last year by Mohit Gorisariya, Saumeet Nanda, and Piyush Bagaria.


Financial Innovation for the Salaried Class: SalarySe is set to redefine financial management with its innovative credit-on-UPI system targeted specifically at the salaried class. The startup aims to utilize the newly acquired funds to enhance its technology stack, ensuring a seamless experience for users of its financial management application.

Strategic Deployment of Funds: The primary focus of SalarySe’s funding deployment will be directed towards fortifying its technology infrastructure. By doing so, the company intends to optimize its financial management application, making credit-on-UPI more accessible and efficient for the Indian market.

Expanding Partnership Network: To achieve its goal of rolling out the credit-on-UPI system for salaried employees in the coming months, SalarySe is actively collaborating with banks, HR SaaS platforms, and employers. This strategic partnership approach emphasizes a collective effort to promote financial inclusion and empower the salaried class with convenient credit solutions.

Revolutionizing Credit Repayment: One distinctive feature of SalarySe’s credit-on-UPI model is its integration with the payroll systems of various firms. The startup employs a lien on salary for repayments, effectively mitigating credit risks. This innovative approach not only benefits employees by providing them with hassle-free credit access but also ensures a reliable repayment mechanism for lenders.

The Vision Ahead: Founded on the principles of financial inclusion and technological innovation, SalarySe envisions becoming a key player in transforming the credit landscape in India. By combining the power of UPI and a robust credit management system, the startup aims to foster a culture of responsible borrowing while offering a seamless experience to its users.


With the recent injection of $5.25 million in funding, SalarySe is poised for substantial growth and impact in the fintech space. As it continues to strengthen its technology stack and build strategic partnerships, SalarySe is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of credit-on-UPI for the salaried class in India. The financial empowerment journey embarked upon by SalarySe holds the promise of not only transforming the lives of individual users but also contributing to the broader financial inclusion narrative in the country.

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