Stellaris Venture Partners Sells 1% Stake in Mamaearth’s Parent Company for INR 141 Cr in Strategic Move

Navigating the Investment Landscape: Stellaris Venture Partners’ Strategic Adjustment in Mamaearth’s Ascent

In a recent development, Stellaris Venture Partners India I has executed a strategic move by selling a 1% stake in Honasa Consumer Limited, the parent company of the widely acclaimed beauty and personal care brand, Mamaearth. This significant transaction, conducted via a bulk deal on the open market, has garnered attention for its noteworthy details.

The bulk deal involved the sale of 32,17,468 shares of Honasa Consumer Limited at an average price of INR 437.04 per share. The total transaction value amounted to a substantial INR 140.61 Cr, indicating the confidence and value attributed to Mamaearth and its parent company in the market.

As a result of this strategic move, Stellaris Venture Partners has now adjusted its shareholding in Honasa Consumer Limited. The venture capital firm’s stake has been reduced from its previous 5.78% to 4.78%. This adjustment in ownership reflects the dynamic nature of the investment landscape and the need for portfolio optimization.

The decision to sell a portion of its stake in Mamaearth’s parent entity suggests a calculated and strategic approach by Stellaris Venture Partners. While the exact motivations behind the move may be nuanced, such transactions are often part of a broader investment strategy aimed at balancing portfolios and capitalizing on market trends.

Mamaearth, under the umbrella of Honasa Consumer Limited, has gained significant prominence in the beauty and personal care industry. Known for its commitment to natural and sustainable products, Mamaearth has resonated with consumers, making it an attractive asset within Stellaris Venture Partners’ investment portfolio.

This strategic move not only underscores the fluidity of investment strategies in the venture capital landscape but also highlights the continued interest and confidence in the consumer goods sector. As Mamaearth continues to make strides in the market with its innovative products and consumer-centric approach, such transactions contribute to the overall narrative of growth and evolution within the startup ecosystem.


Stellaris Venture Partners’ decision to sell a 1% stake in Honasa Consumer Limited signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing journey of Mamaearth and its parent company. The dynamics of venture capital investments, coupled with the resilience and adaptability of consumer-centric brands, are sure to keep the industry buzzing with anticipation for what lies ahead.

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