Sixth Sense Ventures Invests INR 100 Cr in Spices Brand Pushp, Acquires Stake from A91 Partners

Navigating Spice Routes: Sixth Sense Ventures’ INR 100 Cr Investment Elevates Pushp’s Flavorful Journey


In a significant move within the consumer-focused investment landscape, Sixth Sense Ventures, the renowned venture capital firm that has previously backed successful ventures like Bira91, Vahdam, and Veeba Foods, has recently invested a substantial INR 100 Crores (approximately $12 million) in the Indore-based spices brand, Pushp. This strategic investment also involves the acquisition of a stake in Pushp from its initial institutional investor, A91 Partners.


A Spicy Success Story Indore-based Pushp has carved a niche for itself in the spices industry, specializing in the processing and blending of various spices such as chilli, turmeric, and coriander. The brand has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation, making it a favorite among consumers seeking premium spice products.

Financial Growth and Challenges:

According to a regulatory filing by Tofler, Pushp has demonstrated a robust 20% Year-on-Year growth in its operating revenue for the fiscal year 2023, reaching an impressive INR 338 Crores. However, it is noteworthy that the company experienced a decline in profits, falling from over INR 16 Crores to nearly INR 10 Crores. This dip in profitability is attributed to the challenges posed by rising raw material prices, a common concern in the volatile commodities market.

Sixth Sense Ventures’ Strategic Investment:

The infusion of INR 100 Crores by Sixth Sense Ventures into Pushp underscores the venture capital firm’s confidence in the growth potential of the spices brand. This strategic investment not only provides Pushp with the necessary capital to navigate challenges and fuel further expansion but also establishes a partnership with Sixth Sense Ventures, known for its keen insights and successful investments in the consumer goods sector.

Stake Acquisition from A91 Partners:

In a unique twist to the deal, Sixth Sense Ventures has acquired a stake in Pushp from its initial institutional investor, A91 Partners. This maneuver not only reflects the dynamic nature of the investment landscape but also suggests a collaborative effort among key stakeholders to propel Pushp to greater heights.

Outlook for Pushp:

With the infusion of capital from Sixth Sense Ventures and the continued support from its investors, Pushp is poised for continued success in the competitive spices market. The brand’s commitment to quality and its ability to navigate challenges are likely to position it as a strong player in the industry.


The investment by Sixth Sense Ventures in Pushp, coupled with the stake acquisition from A91 Partners, marks a significant development in the consumer-focused investment landscape. As Pushp continues its journey in the spices market, this strategic partnership is expected to drive innovation, growth, and sustained success for the brand.

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