SoftBank to Offload Over 2 Crore Shares in FirstCry IPO

Unraveling SoftBank’s Strategic Maneuver: A Deep Dive into the Offloading of Over 2 Crore Shares in FirstCry’s IPO Drama


In a significant move in the financial landscape, SoftBank, the Japanese investment giant, is set to offload over 2 crore shares of its total shareholding in Pune-based omnichannel marketplace FirstCry. This development comes as part of FirstCry’s eagerly anticipated initial public offering (IPO), marking a crucial step in the company’s growth trajectory.

Key Players in the Offload:

SoftBank will lead the pack by divesting a substantial portion of its shares, amounting to 2 crore out of its total 12.4 crore shareholding in FirstCry. This move is outlined in the draft red herring prospectus (DRHP), revealing SoftBank’s intention to participate in the offer for sales (OFS) component of the IPO.

Other notable contributors to the OFS component include Mahindra & Mahindra, set to offload over 28 lakh shares, and Premji Invest, which plans to divest 86 lakh shares. These strategic decisions highlight the diverse range of stakeholders involved in the IPO.

FirstCry’s IPO Structure:

The structure of FirstCry’s IPO comprises fresh issues of shares aggregating up to INR 1,816 crore and an OFS component of 5.4 crore equity shares. The infusion of fresh capital is expected to fuel the company’s expansion plans and enhance its position in the competitive market.

SoftBank’s Current Stake:

As per the DRHP, SoftBank’s SVF Frog (Cayman) Ltd currently holds a substantial 25% stake in FirstCry, represented by 12.4 crore shares. The decision to offload a significant number of these shares indicates a strategic move by SoftBank to leverage the potential gains from the IPO and possibly explore new investment opportunities.

Implications for FirstCry:

FirstCry’s IPO is generating considerable buzz in the financial and business communities, with market watchers keenly observing the response from investors. The company’s omnichannel marketplace model, catering to the diverse needs of parents and children, has positioned it as a prominent player in the e-commerce space.


The SoftBank-led offload of over 2 crore shares in FirstCry’s IPO adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the unfolding narrative of one of India’s prominent startups. As the IPO progresses, it will be fascinating to witness the market dynamics and the impact on FirstCry’s future trajectory. The move signifies a pivotal moment for both SoftBank and FirstCry, and the repercussions will likely reverberate across the investment landscape.

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