Ola Electric IPO: Unveiling the Power Players and Challenges Ahead

Navigating the Currents of Change: Ola Electric’s IPO Journey in the EV Revolution


Ola Electric, under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, has taken a bold step towards the future by filing its draft red herring prospectus for an INR 5,500 Crore initial public offering (IPO). As the first full-fledged electric vehicle (EV) player to make this monumental move, Ola Electric is not just making headlines for its groundbreaking products but also for its unique shareholding pattern and prevailing challenges.

Shareholding Pattern:

At the helm of Ola Electric’s shareholding is the dynamic Bhavish Aggarwal, holding the torch with a commanding stake of 36.94%. Right beside him is SoftBank, a major player in the global investment landscape, securing a significant 21.98% stake in the electric giant. This powerful duo sets the stage for Ola Electric’s IPO, reflecting a strategic blend of leadership and financial backing.

Challenges in the Workforce:

Behind the scenes, however, Ola Electric faces a notable challenge in the form of high employee attrition. The fiscal year ending March 2023 saw an attrition rate of 47.48%, shedding light on the complexity of retaining talent in the competitive EV landscape. This poses a critical question: How will Ola Electric address this challenge as it navigates the public market?

IPO Composition:

Ola Electric’s IPO is a two-fold endeavor, comprising a fresh issue of INR 5,500 Crores and an offer-for-sale (OFS) component of up to 9.51 Crore shares. This strategic combination allows Ola Electric to infuse fresh capital for expansion while also providing existing stakeholders an opportunity to participate in the company’s public debut. The IPO is not just a financial milestone but a strategic move to fuel the company’s growth trajectory.


As Ola Electric paves the way as the pioneering EV player to enter the public market, it faces a dual challenge – not only in maintaining a strong shareholding structure but also in addressing internal dynamics, such as employee attrition. The success of Ola Electric’s IPO will not only be measured in financial terms but in how effectively it can navigate the intricacies of the evolving EV landscape and emerge as a sustainable force for change. The world will be watching as Ola Electric sets the stage for a new era in the electric vehicle industry.

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