Google Expands Real-Money Gaming Presence on Play Store in India

Unlocking Opportunities: Google’s Play Store Policy Shift Set to Redefine Real-Money Gaming Experiences


In a bid to adapt to local laws and regulations, Google has announced its plans to broaden its support for real-money games (RMG) on the Play Store. This expansion is set to launch in June and will be applicable to developers catering to users in India, Mexico, and Brazil. Google’s decision to ease its Play Store policies signals a shift in its approach to the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming.

A Strategic Move:

Recognizing the potential of the real-money gaming industry, Google has decided to open up opportunities for a wider array of games falling under the RMG category. This strategic move is based on the positive outcomes and feedback garnered from the pilot programs conducted by the tech giant.


Learnings from Pilots:

The decision to support more RMG apps is rooted in the valuable insights gained from Google’s pilot programs, along with positive feedback from both users and developers. The intention is clear: Google aims to create a more inclusive environment for real-money gaming, encompassing game types and operators that were previously not covered by existing licensing frameworks.

Extended Grace Period:

In a parallel move, Google has also extended the grace period for apps falling under its daily fantasy sports and Rummy apps pilot in India. These apps will now be allowed to remain on the Play Store until June 30, 2024, providing developers with additional time to align their offerings with Google’s evolving policies.

Implications for Developers:

This policy shift by Google opens up new possibilities for developers, allowing them to explore and showcase a broader range of real-money gaming apps on the Play Store. With the extended grace period, developers have the chance to adapt their apps to the evolving guidelines, ensuring compliance while capitalizing on the growing RMG market in India and other specified regions.


Google’s decision to support more real-money gaming apps on the Play Store reflects a nuanced approach to the demands of the gaming industry and the regulatory landscape. As the June launch date approaches, developers eagerly await the expanded opportunities this policy shift will bring, propelling the real-money gaming sector to new heights on the world’s most popular app marketplace.

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