Delhi High Court Orders ISPs to Block Websites Infringing WinZO’s Trademarks

Safeguarding Digital Identity: Delhi HC’s Landmark Decision to Protect WinZO’s Trademarks


In a recent development, the Delhi High Court (HC) has taken a decisive step to protect the intellectual property rights of gaming unicorn WinZO. The court issued an injunction against all named and anonymous future unauthorized use of WinZO’s trademarks, directing internet service providers (ISPs) to block and remove such infringements. The move aims to safeguard the gaming giant’s brand identity and maintain a fair and competitive digital landscape.


The court’s directives come in response to WinZO’s plea seeking a permanent injunction against the infringement of its registered trademarks by alleged illegal websites. This proactive legal action highlights the growing importance of safeguarding intellectual property in the digital age, especially in the highly competitive gaming industry.

Key Highlights:

  1. Injunction Against Unauthorised Use: The Delhi HC has taken a firm stance by issuing an injunction against all named and anonymous future unauthorized use of WinZO’s trademarks. This decision underscores the court’s commitment to protecting the rights of businesses and individuals against intellectual property violations.
  2. Directives to ISPs: The court has directed internet service providers (ISPs) to block and remove any content or websites that infringe upon WinZO’s trademarks. This move not only restrains the unauthorized use of intellectual property but also prevents potential damage to the brand’s reputation.
  3. Role of Domain Name Registrars (DNRs): Recognizing the significance of online presence, the court has also instructed Domain Name Registrars (DNRs) to reveal registration information of the infringing websites. This additional step ensures that the legal process can identify and address intellectual property violations efficiently.


The Delhi High Court’s decision to protect WinZO’s trademarks sends a strong message about the importance of intellectual property rights in the digital realm. As the online space continues to evolve, legal measures like these become crucial in maintaining a fair and competitive environment. This case sets a precedent for other businesses facing similar challenges, emphasizing the need for proactive legal actions to safeguard their intellectual assets. It also highlights the collaborative role of ISPs and DNRs in enforcing such court directives, ensuring the effective implementation of intellectual property protection measures in the online landscape.

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