Grip Invest Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding to Expand and Enhance Offerings

Empowering Investment Diversity: Grip Invest’s Series B Funding Paves the Way for Technological Advancements and Broader Accessibility


In a significant development for the alternative investment landscape, Grip Invest, a leading platform in the sector, has successfully raised $10 million in its Series B funding round. The funding, comprising a strategic mix of equity and debt, underscores the growing confidence in Grip Invest’s innovative approach to alternative investments.

Details of the Funding:

Grip Invest’s Series B funding round was a balanced combination of $1.5 million in venture debt and an impressive $8.5 million through fresh equity and convertible notes. The round was spearheaded by Stride Ventures, a prominent player in the investment landscape. Notable participation also came from LC Nueva, Multiply Ventures, and Venture Highway, highlighting the broad support and confidence in Grip Invest’s vision.

Utilization of Proceeds:

The capital infusion from the Series B round positions Grip Invest for strategic growth and development. The company has outlined clear objectives for utilizing the funds, with a primary focus on enhancing its API stack. By strengthening its technological infrastructure, Grip Invest aims to provide a seamless and efficient investment interface for a broader audience.

Expanding Reach:

One key initiative in Grip Invest’s roadmap is to make its investment interface more widely accessible to distributors. The company recognizes the importance of collaboration and aims to create an ecosystem where a diverse range of distributors can leverage Grip Invest’s platform to offer alternative investment opportunities to their clients.

The Role of Stride Ventures:

As the lead investor in the Series B round, Stride Ventures brings not only financial support but also valuable strategic insights to Grip Invest. This partnership is expected to catalyze Grip Invest’s growth and further establish its position as a key player in the alternative investment market.


Grip Invest’s successful Series B funding round is a testament to the increasing recognition of alternative investments as a viable and lucrative asset class. With a clear focus on technology, accessibility, and collaboration, Grip Invest is poised to leverage this capital infusion to enhance its offerings and create a more inclusive investment landscape.

As the company continues to strengthen its API stack and expand its reach, the Series B funding marks a pivotal moment in Grip Invest’s journey, positioning it for sustained growth and influence in the dynamic world of alternative investments.

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