Google Expands Real-Money Gaming Presence on Play Store in India


Unlocking Opportunities: Google’s Play Store Policy Shift Set to Redefine Real-Money Gaming Experiences Introduction: In a bid to adapt to local laws and regulations, Google has announced its plans to broaden its support for real-money games (RMG) on the Play Store. This expansion is set to launch in June and will be applicable to developers … Read more

India’s Gaming Landscape: Monetisation Trends And Evolving User Dynamics


Navigating the Virtual Realm: A Deep Dive into India’s Gaming Boom and Changing Player Landscape. Introduction: In the era of burgeoning digital consumption, India has rapidly carved its niche as a global hub for consuming world-class games. The gaming industry in India has witnessed an unprecedented boom, with a significant contribution to its revenue coming … Read more

“India’s Gaming Sector: A $7.5 Billion Growth Story by FY28”

Introduction: The Indian’s gaming Sector is on a remarkable growth trajectory, with Lumikai, a gaming and interactive media-focused venture fund, revealing in its latest report that it’s poised to reach a staggering $7.5 billion in revenue by FY28. In this State of India Gaming Report, crafted in collaboration with Google, we’ll dive into the latest … Read more