Dream11’s Remarkable Growth: Onboarding 5.5 Crore New Users Amid Tax Battle

Navigating Challenges, Dream11 Soars: A Closer Look at the Fantasy Gaming Phenomenon’s Resilience and Inclusivity


In the face of regulatory challenges and a shifting landscape in the Indian real money gaming industry, fantasy gaming giant Dream11 has showcased its resilience and appeal by onboarding an impressive 5.5 crore new users. This surge in registrations has contributed to an extraordinary milestone, propelling the platform’s total registered users to a staggering 21 crores.

Key Highlights:

  1. Tax Battle and Regulatory Hurdles:
    • The backdrop of Dream11’s remarkable achievement is the ongoing tax battle within the Indian real money gaming space. The imposition of a 28% GST regime by the Central government has added to the industry’s regulatory challenges.
    • Despite these hurdles, Dream11’s ability to attract and engage new users speaks volumes about the platform’s popularity and the resilience of the fantasy gaming market.
  2. 5.5 Crore New Users:
    • The unicorn fantasy gaming firm welcomed an impressive 5.5 crore new users to its platform in the previous year, showcasing its ability to adapt and thrive in a challenging environment.
    • This significant increase in user registrations highlights the continued growth and relevance of Dream11 in the Indian gaming landscape.
  3. Diverse Age Range:
    • A noteworthy aspect of Dream11’s success is the diversity among its new users. The majority of the 5.5 crore additions fall within the 25-60 age range, indicating a broad appeal across different demographics.
    • This diverse user base positions Dream11 as a platform that caters to a wide audience, enhancing its market presence and potential for future growth.
  4. Growth in Female Users:
    • In addition to the overall surge in registrations, Dream11 witnessed an impressive 79% year-on-year growth in female users. This statistic signifies a positive trend towards inclusivity and engagement among women in the fantasy gaming community.
    • The rise in female users not only expands Dream11’s user base but also reflects the platform’s success in creating an environment that resonates with diverse audiences.


Dream11’s ability to onboard 5.5 crore new users amidst a tax battle and regulatory challenges underscores its resilience and position as a frontrunner in the Indian fantasy gaming industry. The platform’s diverse user base, spanning various age groups and showcasing substantial growth in female users, points towards a promising future. As the industry navigates regulatory uncertainties, Dream11 continues to demonstrate its capacity to attract, engage, and evolve in the dynamic landscape of real money gaming.

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