BlackRock Deals Another Blow: Slashes BYJU’S Valuation by 95% to $1 Billion

Navigating Choppy Waters: BYJU’S Faces Unprecedented Valuation Cuts Amidst EdTech Evolution


In a continued saga of valuation setbacks for edtech giant BYJU’S, BlackRock, a prominent US-based asset manager, has once again dealt a substantial blow. The company has now slashed the valuation of BYJU’S by a staggering 95%, plummeting from $22 billion to a mere $1 billion. This drastic reassessment follows a series of valuation cuts from BlackRock and other investors, indicating a challenging period for the once high-flying education technology company.


As of the end of October last year, BlackRock, despite owning less than a 1% stake in BYJU’S, had valued the edtech firm’s shares at approximately $209.6 each. This marked a considerable drop from the peak valuation of $4,660 per share reached in 2022. The asset manager’s initial cut came in April of the same year when it reduced BYJU’S valuation by almost 50%, bringing it down to $11.5 billion.

The Downward Spiral:

The recent 95% reduction in BYJU’S valuation by BlackRock adds to the company’s ongoing financial challenges. In November, Dutch investor Prosus also took a hit on its investment, marking down the value of its stake in BYJU’S and pushing the troubled company’s valuation below $3 billion. This downward spiral has raised concerns among investors, analysts, and the broader edtech industry about the challenges BYJU’S is facing and its ability to recover.

Implications for BYJU’S:

BYJU’S, once hailed as one of the most promising edtech unicorns, is now grappling with a significant erosion of its market value. The repeated valuation cuts by major investors, including BlackRock and Prosus, suggest a lack of confidence in the company’s performance and growth prospects. The company will likely face increased scrutiny and pressure to address the underlying issues that have led to these successive valuation downgrades.

Market Dynamics and EdTech Landscape:

The challenges faced by BYJU’S are indicative of the evolving dynamics within the edtech landscape. Increased competition, changing market conditions, and evolving consumer preferences have made the sector more unpredictable. Investors are becoming increasingly discerning, emphasizing sustainable growth and profitability over rapid expansion.


BlackRock’s decision to slash BYJU’S valuation by 95% to $1 billion is a significant development in the ongoing narrative of the edtech giant’s struggles. The repeated devaluations raise questions about the underlying health of BYJU’S and the broader edtech market. As the company navigates these challenges, the industry will closely watch how BYJU’S responds and adapts to a changing landscape.

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