Cracking Down on Offshore Crypto Trading Apps: Government Considers Ban over PMLA Violations

Navigating the Crossroads: The Unfolding Regulatory Landscape for Cryptocurrencies in India

In recent developments, the Indian government is intensifying its scrutiny of offshore cryptocurrency trading apps, contemplating a potential ban on their operations within the country if found guilty of violating the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The move comes after the finance ministry issued reports and show cause notices to these digital wallets, signaling a significant step towards regulatory control in the cryptocurrency space.

Recent Actions and Industry Impact

The government’s actions are not without consequences, as demonstrated by the recent delisting of at least three offshore crypto exchanges by tech giant Apple. This move is indicative of a growing concern among regulatory authorities regarding the compliance of these platforms with anti-money laundering regulations.

Finance Ministry’s Involvement

According to reports, the finance ministry has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns, initiating actions against offshore cryptocurrency apps. The focus has primarily been on issuing show cause notices to these digital wallets, with an aim to ensure adherence to financial regulations and prevent potential misuse for illicit activities.

Potential Ban on Indian Operations

Now, as the scrutiny deepens, there is a looming possibility of a complete ban on the Indian operations of offshore cryptocurrency apps found guilty of violating the PMLA. This could have a significant impact on major players in the industry, including platforms like Binance.

Apple’s Precedent

The recent delisting of offshore crypto exchanges by Apple serves as a precedent for potential actions against non-compliant platforms. It underscores the gravity of the situation and emphasizes the need for stringent regulatory measures to safeguard against money laundering and other financial crimes.

Government’s Stance and Future Actions

The government’s contemplation of a ban reflects its commitment to maintaining financial integrity and curbing illegal activities facilitated by cryptocurrencies. As discussions progress, the industry awaits further clarity on the specific provisions of the PMLA that may lead to a ban and the potential impact on the broader crypto landscape in India.


The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is evolving, and governments worldwide are adapting to ensure a secure and transparent financial environment. The Indian government’s potential ban on offshore crypto trading apps underscores the need for responsible practices within the industry. As the situation develops, stakeholders will closely monitor the government’s actions and their implications for the cryptocurrency market in India.

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