Varthana Secures $14 Million Investment from Blue Earth Capital to Bolster Support for Affordable Private Schools

Fueling Educational Empowerment: Varthana’s $14 Million Boost for Affordable Private Schools


In a strategic move to fortify its commitment to the education sector, Varthana, an education-focused fintech startup, has successfully secured a substantial $14 million investment from Blue Earth Capital. This funding, comprising contributions from funds managed by the impact investor and its partnerships, is a follow-up investment as Varthana gears up for its Series D round. Notably, Blue Earth Capital had initially backed Varthana in 2019 with an $8 million investment.

Expansion Plans:

Varthana’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Hardgrave, shared insights with Inc42, emphasizing that the newly acquired funds are instrumental in facilitating the expansion of financial support to a broader network of affordable private schools across India. This injection of capital is poised to play a pivotal role in Varthana’s mission to empower educational institutions, particularly those catering to underserved communities.

Building on a Successful Partnership:

The synergy between Varthana and Blue Earth Capital has been evident since the latter’s initial investment in 2019. This collaboration has proven fruitful, aligning with both entities’ shared vision of enhancing access to quality education. With the latest $14 million injection, Varthana is well-positioned to further its impact on the education landscape.

Preparation for Series D:

Steve Hardgrave’s mention of this investment as a precursor to Varthana’s Series D round indicates the startup’s strategic approach to securing sustained support for its mission. As Varthana continues to innovate and expand its reach, the upcoming Series D round is poised to be a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory.

Empowering Affordable Private Schools:

Varthana’s core objective revolves around providing financial assistance to affordable private schools, which often serve as lifelines for students in resource-constrained areas. The $14 million investment from Blue Earth Capital is a testament to the confidence placed in Varthana’s ability to make a lasting impact on education accessibility in India.


Varthana’s recent funding announcement showcases not only the startup’s growth but also the importance of sustained investment in education-focused initiatives. As Varthana sets its sights on a Series D round, the collaboration with Blue Earth Capital underscores the significance of partnerships in driving positive change. The infusion of $14 million marks a significant step forward for Varthana in its mission to empower affordable private schools and contribute to a more inclusive education landscape in India.

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