Veranda XL Learning Solutions to Acquire Tapasya Educational Institutions in a Strategic Move

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Veranda’s Strategic Acquisition of Tapasya Educational Institutions in the EdTech Revolution


In a significant development in the education technology sector, Veranda XL Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Veranda Learning Solutions, is set to acquire Tapasya Educational Institutions Private Limited for a substantial amount of INR 362 Cr (approximately $44 Mn). This strategic move aims to bolster Veranda’s presence in the commerce higher education space, expanding its offerings and solidifying its position in the market.


Veranda Learning Solutions, the edtech venture backed by the Kalpathi Group, has been making waves in the education sector with its innovative solutions. The acquisition of Tapasya Educational Institutions is a testament to Veranda’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and diverse educational ecosystem.

About Tapasya Educational Institutions:

Founded in 2009, Tapasya has emerged as a prominent player in the education domain, operating 19 inter/PU colleges and 10 degree colleges across Telangana and Karnataka. The institution has built a reputation for delivering quality education and is projected to achieve a revenue of INR 65 Cr with an EBITDA of INR 26 Cr in the fiscal year 2024.

Strategic Objectives:

Veranda’s decision to acquire Tapasya aligns with its broader strategy to enhance its offerings and reach in the commerce higher education sector. By bringing Tapasya under its umbrella, Veranda aims to diversify its portfolio and provide students with a wider array of educational choices.

Implications for the EdTech Sector:

This acquisition showcases the ongoing trend of consolidation in the edtech sector, with established players expanding their reach through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Veranda’s move highlights the importance of collaboration in navigating the dynamic landscape of education technology.

Future Prospects:

As Veranda integrates Tapasya Educational Institutions into its ecosystem, the edtech giant anticipates strengthening its foothold in the education sector. The combined expertise and resources of both entities are poised to create a synergistic approach to delivering high-quality education and innovative solutions to students.


Veranda XL Learning Solutions’ acquisition of Tapasya Educational Institutions marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the edtech landscape. This strategic move not only reflects Veranda’s commitment to growth and innovation but also signals a positive trajectory for the future of education technology in India. As the integration unfolds, the industry will be keenly watching the impact of this collaboration on the overall educational experience for students in the commerce higher education space.

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