The Government is set to tighten its hold on deepfakes, with IT rule amendments coming soon.


In a proactive move to combat the growing threat of deepfake technology, the Indian government plans to notify critical revisions to the Information Technology (IT) Rules within the next week. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, made the remark at an event, emphasising the necessity for strict steps to combat the spread of synthetic media.

Chandrasekhar emphasised the “mixed compliance” demonstrated by social media intermediaries and online platforms in response to the earlier deepfake recommendation. This variance in adherence to guidelines has pushed the government to take decisive action, ensuring that regulations are enforceable rules rather than mere suggestions.

The Minister also stated that the planned modifications would ensure that the contents of the advisory were “firmly embedded” within the context of the IT Rules. This is a significant move towards making digital platforms more liable for the content that circulates on their networks, particularly in the case of deepfakes.

This decision follows on the wake of a recent incident involving cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, who publicly expressed his displeasure with a synthetic film fraudulently representing him. The event, among others, has highlighted the need of tackling the issues posed by deepfake technology, which can manipulate audio and visual content to produce highly realistic but wholly created images of people.

The government’s move to speed up the amendment process reflects a growing understanding of the possible damages posed by deepfakes, which range from misinformation and reputational damage to more serious risks to national security.

As the digital ecosystem changes, legal frameworks must adapt to protect individuals and society from the abuse of sophisticated technologies. The upcoming revisions to the IT Rules reflect the government’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in addressing developing internet concerns.

Finally, the imminent revisions to the IT Rules reflect the Indian government’s proactive approach to tackling the risks related with deepfake technology. By strengthening laws, the government hopes to create a safer and more responsible digital environment for its citizens, while also safeguarding the integrity of online material.

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