Nat Habit Secures $10.2 Million in Funding to Elevate Skincare Product Line and Expand Presence Offline

Nat Habit Secures $10.2M Boost for Organic Skincare: Expanding Offerings, Offline Presence, and Returns for Early Backers.”

In a significant milestone for Nat Habit, the skincare startup has successfully raised $10.2 million in funding, earmarked for a strategic enhancement of its product offerings and a robust offline expansion. The infusion of fresh capital will be allocated across key areas such as research and development, product diversification, brand building, and talent acquisition.

Established in 2019 by the dynamic duo of Swagatika Das and Gaurav Agarwal, Nat Habit has carved a niche for itself in the organic skincare industry. The company specializes in a range of natural products, including hair oils, masks, scrubs, and face creams, all crafted with a commitment to organic excellence.

With the recent funding injection, Nat Habit is poised to propel its growth trajectory by venturing into new avenues. Approximately $2 million from this round of funding will be utilized to facilitate exits for early-stage backers, providing them with impressive returns of 4.5-5 times their initial investment over a four-year period.

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The expansion strategy includes a significant focus on offline channels, as Nat Habit aims to bring its organic skincare products closer to consumers through physical retail outlets. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to creating a holistic brand experience and reaching a broader audience.

Nat Habit’s dedication to innovation and quality is reflected not only in its product range but also in its continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of the skincare industry. The infusion of funds will enable the company to invest in cutting-edge research and development, ensuring that its offerings remain at the pinnacle of organic skincare excellence.

As Nat Habit continues to make strides in the beauty and wellness sector, the recent funding round signifies a pivotal moment for the company. With a clear vision and a commitment to organic integrity, Nat Habit is well-positioned to elevate its brand, expand its footprint offline, and deliver exceptional value to its customers.

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