AlmaBetter’s Financial Struggles: Unveiling the Impact of Pay Cuts and Layoffs

AlmaBetter’s Financial Turmoil: Unraveling the Aftermath of Pay Cuts, Layoffs, and the Quest for Stability.”


In the wake of a challenging financial landscape, AlmaBetter, the edtech upskilling startup, finds itself grappling with a series of setbacks that have raised eyebrows within the industry. The company’s recent decisions to implement pay cuts and layoffs have stirred speculation and concern among employees and industry observers alike.

Pay Cuts Unveiled: A Part of ‘Regular Salary Review Process’

In September, AlmaBetter made waves by announcing pay cuts, leaving many employees questioning the company’s financial stability. According to CEO Shivam Dutta, these reductions were merely part of the ‘regular salary review process.’ However, the move has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the workforce.

Layoffs Amidst Financial Crunch:

Sorting Fact from Fiction Adding to the turmoil, AlmaBetter took a drastic step in October by terminating approximately 35 employees, citing a financial crunch. Dutta clarified that only 22 employees, constituting around 8% of the total workforce, were affected by these layoffs. This move has triggered debates about the company’s strategies and the possible repercussions on its reputation.


Failed Funding Endeavors:

The Struggle for Financial Resilience Despite AlmaBetter’s attempts to weather the storm, sources suggest that the company’s efforts to secure fresh funding have proven unsuccessful. The struggle for financial resilience has prompted discussions with industry peers about a potential acquisition. However, Dutta vehemently denies any such talks, emphasizing the company’s commitment to overcoming its challenges independently.


Navigating Uncertain Waters As AlmaBetter navigates through these challenging times, the edtech community watches closely to see how the company will steer its course. The impact of pay cuts and layoffs, coupled with the failed attempts to secure funding, underscores the precarious nature of the current landscape for edtech startups. Only time will reveal whether AlmaBetter can rise above the financial hurdles it faces or if more challenges lie ahead.

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