Binance Assures Safety of Indian Users’ Accounts and Funds Following Apple’s Delisting

Navigating Challenges: Binance’s Resilience in the Face of Apple’s Delisting


In a recent move, tech giant Apple delisted three offshore crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, and OKX, from its India app store. This unexpected action raised concerns among users about the safety of their accounts and funds on these platforms. In response to this, Binance has issued a statement, reassuring its users that their assets are secure and emphasizing its commitment to adhering to local regulations.

Binance’s Commitment to Security:

Binance, one of the prominent players in the cryptocurrency exchange space, has taken swift action to address the apprehensions of its user base. In its official statement, the exchange affirmed that all user accounts and funds are secure despite the delisting by Apple. This reassurance comes as a crucial step in maintaining trust and transparency in the crypto community.

Continued Accessibility for Existing Users:

Amid the delisting, Binance has provided assurance to its existing users that they can continue using the current version of the app without any disruptions. This move is aimed at minimizing inconvenience and maintaining a seamless experience for the user base.

Constructive Policy-making Efforts:

Binance has not only focused on immediate reassurance but also emphasized its commitment to engaging in constructive policy-making. The exchange expressed its dedication to policies that benefit every user and all market participants. This approach indicates a proactive stance towards collaboration with regulatory authorities to address concerns and contribute to the development of a secure and regulated crypto ecosystem.

The Impact of Apple’s Delisting:

Apple’s decision to remove these offshore crypto exchanges from its India app store has sparked discussions within the crypto community about the potential implications of such actions. The move highlights the increasing scrutiny faced by cryptocurrency platforms from major tech corporations and regulatory bodies.


In the face of challenges posed by Apple’s delisting, Binance has demonstrated its dedication to user security and regulatory compliance. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the proactive measures taken by exchanges like Binance play a pivotal role in fostering a trustworthy and secure environment for users and investors alike. Moving forward, the collaboration between crypto platforms and regulatory authorities will likely become even more critical for the sustainable growth of the industry.

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