Zomato’s Bullish Run Continues as HSBC Raises Target to INR 150

Navigating Growth: Zomato’s Rise to a 52-Week High Amidst Analyst Optimism


In a positive turn of events for Zomato, the popular food delivery platform witnessed a surge in its stock price, reaching a 52-week high of INR 138 per share. This remarkable uptick was triggered by HSBC’s latest move to raise its target for Zomato’s stock to INR 150, coupled with an optimistic long-term outlook. Let’s delve into the details and understand the factors contributing to Zomato’s recent success.

HSBC’s Positive Stance: HSBC, a global brokerage firm, has not only maintained its ‘buy’ rating on Zomato but has also increased its target by Rs 10, setting it at INR 150 per share. This bullish stance reflects HSBC’s confidence in Zomato’s growth potential, showcasing a strong endorsement of the company’s performance and prospects in the market.

Long-Term Optimism: Despite anticipating subdued growth in the calendar year 2024, HSBC analysts remain optimistic about Zomato’s long-term prospects. This positive outlook aligns with a broader perspective on the company’s ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving food delivery industry.


Elara Securities’ Endorsement: Adding to the positive sentiment surrounding Zomato, Elara Securities recently issued a “buy” recommendation with a target price of INR 150. This concurrent endorsement from multiple financial institutions suggests a consensus among analysts regarding Zomato’s potential for sustained growth.

Market Response: The market responded favorably to HSBC’s announcement, with Zomato’s shares gaining 2.5% during Thursday’s session. Investors showed confidence in the company’s ability to meet and exceed expectations, driving the stock to new heights.


Zomato’s recent ascent to a 52-week high is a testament to the growing confidence among investors and financial analysts. The favorable reviews from both HSBC and Elara Securities, along with the positive market response, paint a promising picture for Zomato’s future. As the company continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the food delivery industry, it will be interesting to observe how these endorsements translate into sustained growth and market leadership for Zomato.

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