Infibeam Avenues’ Ambitious Move: Signing MoU with Gujarat to Establish INR 2,000 Cr AI Hub

Pioneering the Future of Retail: Infibeam Avenues and Gujarat Government’s Vision for AI Integration


In a strategic move aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in India, fintech giant Infibeam Avenues has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government. The partnership outlines an impressive investment of up to INR 2,000 Cr ($240 Mn) by 2030 to establish a groundbreaking AI hub for payments and platforms, with a specific emphasis on empowering retailers.

Collaboration for Growth: Under the terms of the MoU, Infibeam Avenues is set to collaborate closely with the Gujarat government to foster the growth and widespread adoption of AI technology among retailers across the nation. The overarching goal is to catalyze the integration of AI into the retail sector, promoting operational efficiencies, bolstering security measures, and elevating the overall customer experience for retailers.

Empowering 1,00,000 Retailers: One of the key initiatives outlined in the partnership is Infibeam’s ambitious plan to collaborate with a staggering 1,00,000 retailers. By extending its expertise and resources, Infibeam aims to empower these retailers, helping them harness the potential of AI to enhance their operational processes, fortify security protocols, and ultimately elevate the quality of service provided to their customers.

India’s First AI Hub: This monumental initiative follows Infibeam’s announcement last year, wherein the company declared its intentions to establish what it claims to be India’s first AI Hub. The location for this groundbreaking endeavor is set to be Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), underscoring the state’s commitment to fostering innovation and technological advancements.

Strategic Focus on Fintech: Infibeam Avenues’ strategic focus on fintech is evident in its plans for the AI hub, with a particular emphasis on payments and platforms. The infusion of AI technologies into the fintech sector holds the promise of transforming how financial transactions are conducted, streamlining processes, and creating a more secure and efficient ecosystem.


Infibeam Avenues’ collaboration with the Gujarat government to invest INR 2,000 Cr in establishing an AI hub marks a significant milestone in the realm of technological innovation in India. With a strategic focus on empowering retailers and enhancing the fintech landscape, this ambitious initiative holds the potential to reshape how AI is integrated into various sectors, ultimately contributing to the nation’s technological evolution. The partnership reflects a forward-looking approach that aligns with the broader vision of creating a technologically advanced and digitally empowered India.

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