UGC Warns EdTechs: Caution Advised on Online Degrees from Foreign Universities

Navigating the EdTech Landscape: UGC’s Alert on Franchisee Collaborations and Online Degrees


In a recent public notice, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a stern warning to educational technology platforms engaged in offering online degree courses in collaboration with foreign institutions. The UGC emphasized that franchisee arrangements between edtech startups and foreign universities are prohibited, and it cautioned students against pursuing degrees obtained through such partnerships.

The Prohibition:

According to the UGC, franchisee arrangements between edtech startups and foreign universities are strictly barred. The commission specifically pointed out that degrees obtained through such collaborations would not be considered valid. This move is part of the UGC’s ongoing efforts to regulate and maintain the integrity of educational programs offered by various platforms in the rapidly evolving landscape of online education.

UGC Warns

Risk for Students:

In its public notice, the UGC directly addressed students, urging them to exercise caution when opting for online degrees associated with foreign universities through edtech platforms. The commission explicitly stated that students choosing such degrees would be doing so at their own risk. This cautionary advice underscores the importance of thorough research and due diligence for students considering online education options.

Past Actions:

This is not the first time the UGC has taken action against edtech companies. In the past, the commission has cracked down on platforms offering non-recognized educational programs. The regulatory body’s proactive measures aim to safeguard the interests of students and maintain the credibility of academic qualifications in the digital education space.


The UGC’s recent warning serves as a reminder to both edtech platforms and students about the importance of adhering to regulatory guidelines. As the online education sector continues to grow, ensuring the legitimacy of educational programs becomes paramount. Students are encouraged to verify the accreditation and recognition of any online degree program before enrolling to protect themselves from potential risks. The UGC’s vigilance underscores the need for a collaborative effort between regulatory bodies, edtech platforms, and students to create a trustworthy and credible online education ecosystem.

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