India’s Ambitious Move: Centre to Boost AI Startups with Funding and Support

Embracing Innovation: Drawing Inspiration from the Semiconductor Industry Model


In a significant development for the tech landscape in India, Minister of State for Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, announced on December 16 that the Central Government is gearing up to provide crucial support and funding to artificial intelligence (AI) startups across the country. The move is expected to propel India’s AI ecosystem to new heights, mirroring a successful model implemented in the semiconductor industry.

Government’s Commitment to AI Development:

Chandrasekhar outlined the government’s commitment to fostering the growth of AI startups by drawing inspiration from the successful framework established for the semiconductor sector. This model, which has proven effective in nurturing innovation and development, will serve as a blueprint for supporting the burgeoning AI ecosystem in the country.


Financial Resources for Foundational AI Models:

The Minister of State emphasized that the government would allocate financial resources to develop foundational AI models. This strategic investment aims to boost the creation of cutting-edge AI technologies, laying the groundwork for groundbreaking applications across various industries.

Global Regulatory Framework Urgently Needed:

Highlighting the global significance of AI, Chandrasekhar stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive regulatory framework. He expressed concerns that the trajectory of AI development over the next six to nine months could take unforeseen directions, warranting a regulatory environment that anticipates and addresses potential challenges. The move aligns with global efforts to establish ethical guidelines and standards for AI technologies.

India’s Thriving GenAI Startup Ecosystem:

According to Inc42 data, India is home to over 70 GenAI startups that have collectively raised more than $440 million in funding between 2019 and Q3 2023. This robust ecosystem demonstrates the growing interest and investment in AI-driven innovations. The government’s initiative to support these startups is poised to catalyze further growth, providing the necessary impetus for them to scale and thrive on both national and international stages.


The Indian government’s commitment to supporting and funding AI startups marks a pivotal moment for the tech industry in the country. With a proactive approach modeled on successful industry frameworks, the government aims to propel India into the forefront of AI innovation. As the nation takes bold steps to nurture its AI ecosystem, the global tech community watches with anticipation, recognizing the potential for groundbreaking developments in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

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