Unacademy’s Fiscal Year 2023: A Closer Look at Financial Performance and Strategic Shifts

Navigating Challenges and Charting Growth – Unacademy’s Resilience in FY23 Education Landscape


Unacademy, one of India’s leading edtech startups, has recently disclosed its financial performance for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023. Despite facing challenges and making strategic decisions, the Gaurav Munjal-led company has shown notable improvements in its financials. Let’s delve into the key highlights of Unacademy’s FY23 report and understand the factors contributing to its performance.

Financial Overview:

Unacademy’s operating revenue witnessed a substantial increase of 26%, reaching INR 907 crore in FY23 compared to INR 719.2 crore in the previous fiscal year. This positive growth is a testament to the platform’s continued popularity and effectiveness in catering to the educational needs of a vast user base.

On the cost front, the startup managed to reduce its total expenditure significantly, posting a 26% drop from INR 3,702.8 crore in FY22 to INR 2,734.2 crore in FY23. This strategic move played a crucial role in narrowing the consolidated net loss by almost 40%, bringing it down to INR 1,678.1 crore from INR 2,847.9 crore in the previous fiscal.

Operational Landscape:

Founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh, Unacademy has evolved into a prominent player in the Indian edtech space. Boasting a network of 91,000 registered educators and over 99 million learners, the platform has become a go-to destination for students across the country. Its commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its support for learning in over 14 Indian languages, catering to diverse linguistic preferences.

Challenges and Strategic Shifts:

Unacademy’s journey in FY23 hasn’t been without hurdles. The company faced two challenging years, marked by tough decisions such as the laying off of over 2,000 employees since the beginning of 2022. Despite these challenges, the startup’s strategic shifts, including cost-cutting measures, have contributed to its improved financial performance.

Diversification and Subsidiaries:

Unacademy’s growth strategy extends beyond its primary platform. The company operates under the umbrella of various subsidiaries, including Graphy, UnacademyX, NextLevel, and Prepladder. This diversification allows Unacademy to tap into different segments of the education market, offering a comprehensive suite of services.


Unacademy’s financial results for FY23 reflect a resilient response to challenges, demonstrating the company’s commitment to long-term sustainability. The strategic decisions, coupled with a focus on diversification and inclusivity, position Unacademy as a key player in India’s evolving edtech landscape. As the company continues to adapt to the dynamic education sector, its performance in FY23 sets the stage for an exciting future.

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