Snowflake Welcomes Former Microsoft Executive Vijayant Rai as India Managing Director

Empowering Snowflake’s Indian Journey with Seasoned Leadership and Strategic Vision


In a significant move, data cloud company Snowflake has announced the appointment of Vijayant Rai as its new Managing Director for India. Rai, a former executive at Microsoft, brings a wealth of experience to his new role, where he will spearhead business growth and formulate the Go-To-Market strategy for Snowflake in the country.

Vijayant Rai’s Impressive Background: Prior to joining Snowflake, Rai served as the Executive Director at Microsoft India, holding the pivotal position of Country Leader for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry segment. His tenure at Microsoft has equipped him with valuable insights into the technology and business landscape, making him a formidable leader for Snowflake’s India operations.


Key Responsibilities at Snowflake: As the new Managing Director for India, Rai will play a crucial role in steering Snowflake’s business growth in the dynamic Indian market. His responsibilities extend to crafting and executing the Go-To-Market strategy, ensuring that Snowflake continues to thrive as a leading player in the data cloud domain.

Succession and Transition: Vijayant Rai takes the reins from Vimal Venkatram, who has transitioned to a regional role for Snowflake, based in Singapore. Venkatram’s move to a regional position underlines Snowflake’s commitment to strengthening its presence not only in India but also across the broader Asia-Pacific region.

The Significance of the Appointment: The appointment of Vijayant Rai signifies Snowflake’s strategic approach to leadership, bringing in seasoned executives with a proven track record. Rai’s experience in navigating the BFSI sector, coupled with his understanding of Microsoft’s operations, positions him well to drive Snowflake’s success in the competitive Indian market.

Looking Ahead: With Rai at the helm, Snowflake is poised for continued success in India, capitalizing on the growing demand for innovative data cloud solutions. His leadership will be instrumental in fostering strategic partnerships, enhancing customer relationships, and driving the adoption of Snowflake’s cutting-edge technologies across diverse industries.


Vijayant Rai’s appointment as the Managing Director for India marks a significant chapter in Snowflake’s growth story. As the company continues to redefine the data cloud landscape, Rai’s leadership is anticipated to play a pivotal role in steering Snowflake to new heights of success in the Indian market.

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