Fashinza Co-founder Jamil Ahmad Resigns, Teases Exciting Venture in Real Estate

A Fashion-Tech Visionary Ventures into the Future: Exploring Jamil Ahmad’s Next Chapter in Real Estate Innovation


In a significant development, Fashinza’s co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Jamil Ahmad, has bid farewell to the AI-based B2B marketplace after a commendable four-year journey. However, Ahmad isn’t slowing down – he’s now set to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure, with all signs pointing toward the dynamic realm of real estate.

The Journey So Far:

Jamil Ahmad’s departure from Fashinza marks the end of an era for the prominent AI-driven marketplace. Over the past four years, Ahmad has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success and fostering innovation in the fashion and technology space.

Prior to his tenure at Fashinza, Ahmad brought his expertise to other notable platforms, including the fashion marketplace Limeroad and video commerce company Bulbul. His contributions to Bulbul became even more noteworthy when the company was acquired by the Good Glamm Group last year.

The Next Chapter:

With his departure from Fashinza, Jamil Ahmad is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. The cryptic yet intriguing announcement on LinkedIn has sparked curiosity, as Ahmad hinted at his upcoming venture, stating, “Something big, global, and perfect for real estate aficionados is on the horizon.”

New Venture Speculations:

While details about Ahmad’s new venture remain under wraps, speculations are rife that it will likely be in the real estate sector. The prospect of something “big” and “global” suggests a venture with far-reaching implications, and Ahmad’s reference to “real estate aficionados” further fuels the anticipation.


Jamil Ahmad’s decision to step down from Fashinza and pursue a new venture is a testament to the dynamic nature of the business landscape and the ever-evolving interests of entrepreneurial minds. As we await the unveiling of Ahmad’s latest venture, one can’t help but anticipate the transformative impact it may have on the real estate industry and beyond. Stay tuned for updates as we witness the unfolding of this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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