Meesho’s Early Investors Explore Secondary Sales at $3 Billion-$3.5 Billion Valuation

Navigating the E-commerce Landscape: Meesho’s Potential Valuation Shifts and Investor Dynamics


The Indian e-commerce landscape is abuzz with talks of Meesho’s early investors contemplating secondary sales, as reports suggest discussions are underway with potential investors. Notable names such as WestBridge Capital and Norwest Venture Partners are reportedly engaging in these discussions, sparking curiosity about the future trajectory of the popular e-commerce unicorn.

Details of the Transaction:

In a bid to diversify their portfolios, angel investors and early institutional shareholders of Meesho are considering divesting their stakes. WestBridge Capital, which previously acquired a stake in the company through a secondary transaction with Venture Highway in October, is reportedly showing interest in acquiring additional shares. Norwest Venture Partners, another significant player in the investment landscape, is also actively participating in these discussions.

Valuation Insights:

According to reports from Economic Times, the proposed transaction is being evaluated at a valuation ranging between $3 billion and $3.5 billion. However, it is crucial to note that these figures are subject to change as negotiations progress. The potential investment from WestBridge and Norwest Venture Partners is indicative of their confidence in Meesho’s growth and market positioning.

WestBridge Capital’s Interest:

With WestBridge Capital expressing interest in acquiring more shares in Meesho, it signals a continued belief in the e-commerce platform’s potential. Secondary transactions like the one in October 2023 showcase the flexibility and liquidity provided to early investors, allowing them to adjust their positions based on market dynamics.

Norwest Venture Partners’ Participation:

Norwest Venture Partners’ involvement in the discussions further emphasizes the attractiveness of Meesho as an investment opportunity. The firm’s reputation for backing successful ventures adds credibility to Meesho’s position in the competitive e-commerce sector.


The ongoing talks surrounding Meesho’s secondary sales and the potential involvement of prominent investment firms underscore the dynamism and evolution of the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. As the valuation negotiations unfold, industry observers will be keenly watching the outcome, anticipating the impact on Meesho’s future trajectory and the broader investment landscape in India.

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