BluSmart Secures $24 Million in Funding to Accelerate EV Charging Superhub Expansion

Empowering Sustainable Mobility: BluSmart’s Bold Vision for Electric Transportation Growth


In a significant stride towards sustainable mobility, Delhi-NCR-based electric mobility startup, BluSmart, recently announced a successful funding round, raising an impressive $24 million (INR 200 Crore). The round witnessed enthusiastic participation and over-subscription from a consortium of existing investors, founders, and the leadership team.

BluSmart’s Journey:

Founded in 2019, BluSmart has been at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation in India. The startup has carved a niche for itself by offering electric vehicle (EV) ride-hailing services and pioneering charging infrastructure deployment across key metropolitan areas such as Delhi NCR and Bengaluru.

The Funding Breakdown:

The latest infusion of capital is set to propel BluSmart‘s mission of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem. The funding will play a pivotal role in the establishment of large-scale EV charging superhubs, strategically positioned to support the expansion of BluSmart’s electric ride-hailing services.

Key Highlights:

  1. Exceeding Expectations: The funding round witnessed not only strong support from existing investors but also an over-subscription, underscoring the confidence in BluSmart’s vision and operational prowess.
  2. Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem: BluSmart’s commitment to sustainable mobility is evident in its dual focus on EV ride-hailing services and the development of robust charging infrastructure. The funding will further amplify these efforts, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.
  3. Geographic Expansion: With an eye on expanding its footprint, BluSmart aims to leverage the capital infusion to establish large-scale EV charging superhubs. This strategic move aligns with the growing demand for electric transportation solutions in major Indian cities.
  4. Advancing Electric Mobility: BluSmart’s initiatives are not merely about providing a ride; they represent a step towards reducing carbon footprint and fostering a more sustainable urban lifestyle. The funding reflects a shared commitment among investors and stakeholders to drive positive change in the mobility landscape.


BluSmart’s latest funding success marks a crucial milestone in the evolution of electric mobility in India. As the startup continues to innovate and expand, the development of large-scale EV charging superhubs is poised to shape a future where clean and efficient transportation takes center stage. The over-subscription in funding indicates a collective belief in BluSmart’s ability to drive transformative change in the urban mobility sector, making it a company to watch in the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable transportation.

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