Shadowfax Ventures into On-Demand Delivery with Flash App to Compete with Dunzo

Revolutionizing On-Demand Logistics: Shadowfaxs Flash App Speeds Ahead in the Delivery Landscape


In a strategic move to expand its services and tap into the burgeoning on-demand delivery market, logistics startup Shadowfax has launched its latest app, Flash. The innovative platform aims to provide last-mile delivery solutions to both merchants and end customers in over 50 cities, promising delivery within an impressive 30-minute timeframe.

Rapid Delivery in Over 50 Cities:

Flash sets itself apart by offering swift last-mile delivery services in more than 50 cities, meeting the increasing demand for quick and efficient delivery solutions. The app empowers users to make seamless pickup and drop-off requests, enhancing convenience for both businesses and consumers. With a commitment to delivering within 30 minutes, Shadowfax aims to redefine the standards of on-demand logistics.

Diversifying Offerings for Alternate Revenue Streams:

By venturing into the on-demand delivery space, Shadowfax strategically diversifies its offerings to create alternative revenue streams. The move reflects a proactive approach to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences. Flash not only complements Shadowfax’s existing logistics services but also positions the company as a versatile player in the competitive delivery landscape.

Competition with Dunzo:

Shadowfax’s entry into the on-demand delivery sector puts it in direct competition with Dunzo, a notable player in the space. As Dunzo faces challenges, Shadowfax aims to capitalize on the market void by providing efficient and timely services through Flash. The move comes as part of Shadowfax’s broader strategy to consolidate its position in the logistics and delivery industry.

Strategic Investment by Mirae Group:

The launch of Flash follows the recent approval by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for Mirae Group to acquire a minority stake in Shadowfax. This strategic investment further strengthens Shadowfax’s position in the market, providing the necessary resources to support the development and expansion of its new on-demand delivery service.


Shadowfax’s foray into on-demand delivery with the Flash app marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth journey. With a focus on rapid and reliable last-mile delivery, Shadowfax aims to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. As the competition in the on-demand delivery space intensifies, Flash positions itself as a reliable alternative, poised to make waves in the dynamic world of logistics and delivery.

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