Unraveling the Mahadev Betting App Saga: Two More Arrests in INR 15,000 Cr Money Laundering Case

Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal: The Latest Links Exposed in the Mahadev Betting App Money Laundering Web


In a significant turn of events, the enforcement directorate has made two fresh arrests in connection to the Mahadev online betting app case, which has already sent shockwaves through the country. Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal, with purportedly close ties to other accused individuals, have been apprehended just a month after the detention of one of the primary owners, Ravi Uppal, in Dubai. The recent arrests shed further light on the complex web of illicit activities surrounding the INR 15,000 Cr money laundering scandal.

Details of the Arrests:

Nitin Tibrewal, based in Kolkata, and Amit Agrawal from Raipur, now find themselves entangled in legal proceedings after being arrested under multiple sections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). These arrests signify a step forward in the relentless pursuit of justice related to the Mahadev betting app, a platform that facilitated live gambling on a variety of games, including poker, cricket, badminton, and tennis.

Links to Previous Detentions:

The apprehension of Tibrewal and Agrawal comes on the heels of the detention of Ravi Uppal in Dubai, one of the central figures in the Mahadev betting app case. Uppal’s arrest abroad highlights the transnational nature of the illegal operations orchestrated through the platform. The investigation is gradually uncovering the intricate connections between key players involved in the massive money laundering scandal.

Nature of Mahadev Betting App:

Mahadev app, at the center of this controversy, functioned as an online platform allowing users to participate in live gambling activities across various sports and games. With an estimated financial impact of INR 15,000 Cr, the case has drawn widespread attention, underscoring the magnitude of the illegal betting operation that flourished through this platform.

Legal Proceedings and Future Implications:

Following their arrest, Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal were produced before a special court in Raipur, which subsequently remanded them to Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody until January 17. This period of custody allows authorities to delve deeper into the financial irregularities and illicit transactions associated with the Mahadev betting app.


The continuous unraveling of the Mahadev betting app saga emphasizes the imperative need for stringent measures against illegal online gambling and money laundering. As the investigation progresses, the focus remains on dismantling the intricate network of individuals involved in orchestrating this colossal financial scandal, bringing justice to those affected and ensuring the integrity of online platforms in the country.

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