Uttar Pradesh’s Ambitious Venture: Building India’s First AI City in Lucknow

Pioneering the Future: Uttar Pradesh’s Bold Step towards a Tech-Driven Tomorrow


In a groundbreaking move towards fostering innovation and technological advancement, Uttar Pradesh is set to embark on an ambitious journey to establish India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) City in Lucknow. The UP Electronics Corporation Ltd, serving as the project’s nodal agency, recently released an Expression of Interest (EoI), inviting proposals for the design, development, and operation of this cutting-edge AI hub.

The Vision:

The initiative aims to create a thriving ecosystem that not only houses state-of-the-art AI infrastructure but also nurtures the workforce of the future. By seeking the involvement of real estate developers, the state is looking to propel Lucknow into the forefront of the global AI landscape.

Growing Embrace of AI in Lucknow:

Lucknow has already established itself as a significant player in the realm of emerging technologies. The city is currently home to Centers of Excellence specializing in diverse fields such as AI and MedTech. These centers serve as testaments to Lucknow’s commitment to the extensive integration of AI technologies across various sectors.

Expression of Interest:

The release of the Expression of Interest marks a crucial step in the realization of this visionary project. The UP Electronics Corporation Ltd is actively encouraging real estate developers to participate in the creation and operation of the AI City. This collaborative approach is expected to bring together diverse expertise, ensuring the holistic development of the AI ecosystem.

The Three Pillars:

Design, Development, and Operation: The EoI explicitly outlines the need for proposals covering three key aspects โ€“ design, development, and operation. This comprehensive approach underscores the state’s commitment to not only creating a physical infrastructure but also ensuring its efficient and sustainable functioning.

Nurturing the Workforce of the Future:

One of the primary objectives of the AI City is to act as a catalyst for the development of a skilled workforce in the field of artificial intelligence. By providing a conducive environment for learning and innovation, Lucknow aspires to become a hub for talent in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Centers of Excellence as Precursors:

The existing Centers of Excellence in Lucknow specializing in AI and MedTech can be seen as precursors to the grander vision of the AI City. These centers have already laid the groundwork for the seamless integration of AI into various industries, showcasing the city’s potential as a hub for technological innovation.


Uttar Pradesh’s endeavor to build India’s first AI City in Lucknow is a testament to the state’s commitment to technological advancement. This ambitious project not only envisions a physical space for AI development but also aims to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, collaboration, and the growth of a skilled workforce. As the state invites proposals and partnerships, the journey towards establishing the AI City unfolds, promising a future where Lucknow stands tall as a beacon of AI excellence in India.

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