Ensuring Compliance: Update Your FASTag KYC Before February 29 Deadline

  • Deadline: Update FASTag KYC by February 29.
  • Online Update: Visit fastag.ihmcl.com, log in, select “My Profile,” proceed to KYC section, follow instructions.
  • Offline Update: Visit FASTag issuing bank, submit PAN Card, Address Proof, Identity Card, Passport Photo.
  • Check Status: Visit fastag.ihmcl.com, log in, navigate to “My Profile” to verify KYC status.
  • Download MyFASTag app for registration and status updates.

FASTag KYC by February 29 Introduction :

The National Highways Authority of India’s ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ concept promises to improve toll collection and reduce traffic congestion. As part of this programme, the Government of India has required FASTag users to update their KYC information by February 29.

Update FASTag KYC Online :

1.Go to the official website fastag.ihmcl.com and log in using your registered mobile number.
2.Go to the dashboard and click “My Profile,” then head to the KYC section.
3.Select your client type and tick the declaration box that appears on the screen.
4.Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the KYC updating procedure.
5.Alternatively, you can update KYC on your partner bank’s website. Visit https://www.netc.org.in/request-for-netc-fastag, choose your bank, and then follow the procedures.

Update KYC Offline :

1.If you do not have internet access, you can update your KYC by visiting your FASTag issuing bank.
2. Bring your PAN card, address proof, identity card, and passport photo.
3.Ask the bank representative for a FASTag KYC form, complete it, and submit it with the relevant papers.
4.The bank will validate and execute your form, and once complete, you will receive email and SMS alerts verifying your FASTag KYC update.

Checking FASTag’s KYC Status:
Verify your FASTag KYC status:

a. Visit fastag.ihmcl.com & join in with your registered mobile number.
b. Go to “My Profile” to check your KYC status.
c.If your number is not already registered on the NHAI FASTag website, download the MyFASTag app and follow the registration instructions.
d.Once enrolled, you may easily check your KYC status using the app.

Conclusion :

To minimise toll payment interruptions and ensure smooth travel on national highways, keep your FASTag KYC details up to date. Don’t forget to update your KYC by the February 29 deadline to stay in compliance with the new laws.

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