1Empowering Change: Sridhar Ramaswamy’s Journey from Google to Snowflake’s CEO, Breaking Free from Ads to Shape the Future.

  • Sridhar Ramaswamy, IIT Madras alumnus, is Snowflake’s new CEO.
  • Ramaswamy aims to capitalize on AI and ML opportunities at Snowflake.
  • Formerly at Google, he co-founded Neeva, an ad-free search engine.
  • Ramaswamy’s tenure at Google witnessed exponential ad revenue growth.
  • His academic journey includes a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a Ph.D. from Brown University.

Introducing Sridhar Ramaswamy, the new CEO of Snowflake’s :

Snowflake, a US-based data cloud business, has named Indian-born software veteran Sridhar Ramaswamy as CEO. Ramaswamy, an IIT Madras alumnus, takes on this leadership role following the acquisition of the firm he co-founded last year. His hiring elevates him to the ranks of global tech leaders of Indian heritage, such as Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Arvind Krishna of IBM, and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe.

Seizing AI and ML Opportunities :

Ramaswamy’s appointment as CEO matches with Snowflake’s strategic objective of capitalising on the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The company sees tremendous prospects in these domains, and Ramaswamy’s experience puts him well to lead Snowflake in this direction.

The Journey to Leadership :

Frank Slootman, Snowflake’s outgoing CEO, takes over the reins to Ramaswamy after more than four years. Ramaswamy’s promotion to CEO comes after he played a key role in guiding Snowflake’s AI projects, particularly after the acquisition of Neeva, the first private AI search engine.

Neeva, a catalyst for change :

Ramaswamy’s road to Snowflake began when he co-founded Neeva, an ad-free search engine, with Vivek Raghunathan. The two former Google employees envisioned a search engine that prioritised user experience over advertising. Neeva’s acquisition by Snowflake was a big milestone, and Ramaswamy has subsequently led the company’s AI efforts.

A Legacy at Google :

Ramaswamy was a key figure in Google’s advertising operations prior to joining Snowflake. Over a 15-year period, he led Google’s huge ad portfolio, which experienced spectacular development from $1.5 billion to more than $100 billion in revenue. His accomplishments include being a member of the original engineering team of Google Search. Despite his success at Google, Ramaswamy left in 2018, citing worries about the influence of advertisements on user experience and wider societal repercuss

Academic and Professional Pedigree :

Ramaswamy has held a variety of positions, including research positions at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies, as well as a venture partner at Greylock Partners. He now serves on the board of trustees at Brown University. His academic career began with a B.Tech in computer science from IIT Madras in 1989, followed by a Ph.D. from Brown University.

Embrace the Future :

As Ramaswamy takes over at Snowflake, his combination of technical expertise, entrepreneurial drive, and devotion to innovation prepares the company for future development and success. His leadership demonstrates Snowflake’s commitment to leveraging AI and ML to deliver commercial value and define the future of data analytics.


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