1Navigating Elon Musk’s Alleged Drug Use: Implications for Corporate Governance

1.Elon Musk’s reported drug use was widely known among Tesla and SpaceX executives.
2.There were concerns regarding Musk’s use of illegal drugs, both frequently and extensively.
3.The board did not examine or document concerns about Musk’s drug use.
4.A Delaware judge criticised the board’s conflicts of interest regarding Musk’s compensation deal.
5.Musk’s friends and directors were under pressure to use drugs in order to avoid offending him.
6.Musk’s lawyer indicated that he takes frequent drug tests at SpaceX and has never failed.
7.Musk replied to charges on social media, implying that drug use may increase productivity.
8. Musk is responsible for six key companies: Tesla, SpaceX, X (previously Twitter), The Boring Co., Neuralink, and xAI.

Elon Musk's

Elon Musk’s Alleged Drug Use Revealed :

Recent Wall Street Journal revelations have thrown light on Elon Musk’s suspected usage of illegal narcotics, which appears to be general knowledge among several current and former Tesla Inc. and SpaceX directors. Witnesses and insiders expressed concerns about Musk’s drug use, including instances where he allegedly shared drugs with board members.

The Board’s Response and Lack of Investigation :

Despite concerns raised, the board did not conduct official investigations or document any concerns about Musk’s drug use. This lack of action was revealed after a Delaware judge criticised the board’s conflicts of interest in respect to Musk’s exorbitant $55 billion pay deal.

Musk’s Silence and Legal Representation :

Elon Musk and his lawyer, Alex Spiro, have not responded to the Wall Street Journal’s requests for comment. Previous allegations from the same journal indicated Musk’s use of LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and psychedelic mushrooms, mostly at private meetings. Spiro previously revealed that Musk does regular and random drug testing at SpaceX and has never failed.

Pressure to engage in drug use :

According to the Wall Street Journal, some of Musk’s friends and directors feel pressured to engage in illegal drug use in order to avoid offending him. They worried losing their social standing inside Musk’s circle if they refused to consume drugs.

Musk’s Response and Public Comment :

Elon Musk responded to the charges on social media, writing, “Whatever I’m doing, I should obviously keep doing it!” He praised Tesla and SpaceX as the world’s premier car and space firms, implying that if pharmaceuticals improved his productivity, he would consider using them.

Elon Musk’s Business Empire :

Elon Musk’s impact spans six key companies: Tesla, SpaceX, X (previously Twitter), The Boring Co., Neuralink, and xAI, an artificial intelligence business.

Conclusion :

The revelations concerning Elon Musk’s suspected drug use and its impact on his business and social circles raise concerns about corporate governance and ethical considerations in his companies. Despite Musk’s public image as a visionary entrepreneur, these publications highlight the intricacies and difficulties surrounding his leadership style and personal decisions.

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