Ather Energy Revs Up the EV 2W Race, Slashes Price of 450S to Compete with Ola Electric and TVS

Empowering Commuters: Ather Energy’s Bold Move to Democratize Electric Mobility with Affordable 450S Pricing


The electric two-wheeler market is witnessing a surge in competition, and Ather Energy is making strategic moves to stay in the fast lane. In a recent development, the Bengaluru-based emobility startup has announced a significant price cut of INR 20,000 for its entry-level variant scooter, the 450S. With these aggressive measures, Ather aims to bolster its sales and position itself as a formidable player in the thriving electric vehicle (EV) landscape.

Price Reduction Details:

Effective immediately, the 450S will see a substantial reduction in its price tag, starting at INR 1.09 Lakh in Bengaluru and INR 97,500 in Delhi. This move is not only a response to market dynamics but also a strategic maneuver to challenge key rivals in the segment.

Ather’s Growth Strategy:

Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer at Ather Energy, expressed the company’s commitment to an ambitious growth journey. In an effort to expand its market presence, Ather plans to establish approximately 100 new retail touchpoints in the ongoing quarter. This expansion strategy aims to bring the brand closer to consumers and enhance accessibility to its cutting-edge electric scooters.

Market Dynamics and Competition:

Ola Electric has been dominating the two-wheeler EV sales landscape, maintaining a strong foothold in the market. However, TVS Motor surpassed Ather Energy in 2023, showcasing the dynamic nature of the EV sector. In response to this, Ather has taken decisive steps to strengthen its position, including the recent price reduction for the 450S.


As Ather Energy navigates the competitive landscape of the electric two-wheeler market, the price cut for the 450S underscores the company’s commitment to providing an attractive and competitive offering for consumers. With the ongoing expansion of retail touchpoints and a strategic focus on pricing, Ather is gearing up to not only keep pace with industry leaders but also carve out its own niche in the rapidly evolving world of electric mobility. The race is on, and Ather Energy is determined to make its mark in the exciting journey towards a sustainable and electrified future.

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