1Empowering Nigeria: A&D Forensics Leads the Charge Against Crypto Crime

  • A&D Forensics trains specialists to combat crypto crime.
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist (3CS) certification.
  • Founder Adedeji Owonibi emphasizes robust compliance.
  • Addressing regulatory gaps crucial to preventing financial crimes.
  • Cryptocurrency Investigator Chioma Onyekelu highlights the value of 3CS training.

A&D Forensics: Combating Cryptocrime in Nigeria :

Nigeria’s A&D Forensics, a major blockchain investigative agency, is making progress in educating specialists to battle criminal financial activity in the cryptocurrency space. The effort seeks to provide individuals with the Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist (3CS) credential, with the overriding goal of reducing money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal acts involving digital currencies.

The significance of compliance :

Founder Adedeji Owonibi emphasises the importance of strong compliance mechanisms in preventing cryptocurrency exploitation. He emphasises the complexities of cryptocurrency compliance and calls for thorough rules and training programmes suited to Nigerian stakeholders.

Addressing Regulatory Gaps :

Owonibi emphasises the likelihood of rising financial crime in the absence of defined regulatory frameworks. He advocates for strict laws and penalties for violators, as well as the use of effective detection techniques to scrutinise transactions and prevent illicit activity.

Empowering Investigators :

Cryptocurrency Investigator Chioma Onyekelu emphasises the importance of the 3CS training course in providing participants with the necessary knowledge and instruments to develop strong policies and combat financial crimes in the crypto landscape.

Advancing the Fight against Crypto Misdeeds :

The campaign sponsored by A&D Forensics is a critical step towards eradicating illegal behaviours in the cryptocurrency sphere. It emphasises the rising need for specialised knowledge in combating cryptocurrency-related illicit activities as digital assets evolve.

In summary, A&D Forensics’ commitment to training professionals and improving compliance standards is a crucial step towards protecting the integrity of Nigeria’s cryptocurrency ecosystem. The programme seeks to build trust and legitimacy in the emerging digital currency market by nurturing expertise and encouraging regulatory clarity.

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