1Climate Power’s Pressure: Broadcasters Urged to Censor Ads Critical of Biden’s EV Mandate

  • Climate Power, indirectly funded by a foreign billionaire, pressures broadcasters over Biden’s EV mandate ads.
  • AFPM’s seven-figure campaign criticizes Biden’s EV policies in swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.
  • Climate Power disputes EV mandates despite EPA and NHTSA proposals aiming for electric vehicle dominance.
  • Lori Lodes of Climate Power denounces ads as deceptive, highlighting Biden’s focus on cleaner alternatives.
  • Berger Action Fund, linked to Wyss, donates millions to left-leaning causes, fueling political influence debates.

Climate Organisation Targets Broadcasters Biden’s EV MandateΒ :


A green group, indirectly sponsored by a foreign billionaire, is lobbying broadcasters to stop airing ads critical of the Biden administration’s ambitious electric vehicle (EV) programme.

Climate Power Demand :

Climate Power has called a number of broadcasters, begging them to suspend the running of advertising backed by the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) in swing state markets. These commercials criticise President Joe Biden’s ambitions for universal electric vehicle adoption. Climate Power, which is related with Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss healthcare entrepreneur and philanthropist, receives significant funding from the Fund for a Better Future, which Wyss has established, until 2023.

AFPM’s Critique :

AFPM launched a seven-figure advertising campaign criticising the administration’s EV policy, referring to them as an EV mandate. The advertisements, which run in crucial states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, question Biden’s approach to EVs.

Climate Power’s Response :

Climate Power responded by sending warning letters to local affiliates, pressing on the immediate removal of AFPM ads. They believe that there is no planned government “car ban,” and that the assertions are misleading and may violate FCC guidelines. Climate Power, an IRS-recognized 501(c)4, has spent more than $80 million to support Biden’s climate policy.

Dispute over EV Mandates :

While Climate Power argues the existence of EV requirements, the EPA’s proposed tailpipe emissions regulations would essentially require 67% of all light-duty vehicles sold after 2032 to be electric. Similarly, the NHTSA’s proposed fuel economy criteria may effectively enact a “EV mandate.”

Climate Power’s Stand :

Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, calls the commercials dishonest and designed to raise panic over a non-existent “car ban.” She claims that the Biden administration is not prohibiting gas-powered vehicles, but rather working to clean up the air and water and promote inexpensive alternatives to fossil fuels.

Funding and Influence :

During 2021, the Becker Action Fund, which is affiliated the Wyss, has provided over $40 million to the Money for a Greater Generation.This organisation supports a variety of left-of-center causes. Furthermore, Arabella Advisors handled the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which got over $77 million from the Berger Action Fund.

Wyss’ Influence :

Although Wyss, a Swiss citizen, is not permitted to donate directly to American political entities, his nonprofit and affiliated organisations have elevated him to the status of a major participant in American politics. Americans for Public Trust filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in May 2021, saying that Wyss and his linked businesses violated political spending restrictions.

This summary focuses on the fight between advocacy groups, broadcasters, and the Biden administration over EV regulations, illustrating the intricate web of finance and influence that shapes American political discourse.

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