1CEAT’s Steel Rad Tyre Series: Increasing Motorcycle Performance with Innovative Designs and Affordability, but Limited Information Raises Questions.

CEAT’s Steel Rad Tyre Series redefines motorcycle performance:

  • Two variants: Sporttrad and Crossroad
  • Sporttrad for high speed and cornering
  • Crossroad for multi-terrain grip
  • Price: Rs 4,300 to Rs 12,500 per set
  • Crossroad features asymmetrical block tread for off-road
  • Sporttrad designed for bikes like Duke 390, RC390, Dominar 400, RR310
  • CEAT CEO highlights innovation, quality, and enhanced riding experience. Elevate your ride with cutting-edge technology!

CEAT’s Steel Rad Tyre Series:

In a ground-breaking move, CEAT, the world’s leading tyre manufacturer, has launched its latest innovation in the Indian market: the Steel Rad Tyre Series. This cutting-edge line, designed for high-powered motorbikes, promises increased grip and unrivalled stability as riders unleash their machines’ full potential.

The Steel Rad Tyre Series comes in two varieties: Sporttrad and Crossroad. The Sporttrad model is painstakingly engineered for high-speed pursuits and precise cornering, providing a thrilling experience for motorcycle aficionados. The Crossroad type, on the other hand, is designed for riders who want multi-surface capability, ensuring a firm grip even when crossing difficult terrain.

Pricing and availability:

Prospective purchasers can purchase these innovative tyres from authorised retailers, online platforms, or wholesalers, with prices ranging from Rs 4,300 to Rs 12,500 per set of tyres.

CEAT's Steel

Crossroad: A Grip Beyond Boundaries.

The Crossroad model includes a novel asymmetrical block tread pattern with transversal grooves. This combination provides a strong grip on a variety of terrains, including gravel, mud, and off-road tracks. The Crossroad Series works easily with bikes with good power, such as the Suzuki Gixxer Series and Yamaha FZ Series.

Sporttrad: Precision in Performance.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Sporttrad model features equidistant mid-crown grooves and a silica-blended tread. This unique composition improves cornering stability while maintaining a superb stiffness balance. The Sporttrad series, designed specifically for high-performance bikes such as the Duke 390, KTM RC390, Bajaj Dominar 400, and TVS Apache RR310, illustrates CEAT’s commitment to producing high-quality motorcycle tyres.

Arnab Banerjee, the company’s MD and CEO, stated his enthusiasm about the Steel Rad series, noting, “The Steel Rad series demonstrates CEAT’s commitment to innovation and quality.” With the Steel Rad series, we are ushering in a new era of motorcycle tyres that combine cutting-edge technology with a strong desire for performance.”

He went on to say, “We understand the specific needs of riders on high-performance motorcycles, and these tyres are designed to meet and surpass their expectations. From severe lean angles to high-speed stability, every detail has been carefully designed to improve the riding experience.”

To summarise, CEAT’s Steel Rad Tyre Series is a big step forward in the world of motorcycle tyres, promising riders an unequalled combination of technology, innovation, and performance. Whether one seeks the pleasure of high-speed cornering or the agility to overcome varied terrains, CEAT has once again proven its ability to suit the changing needs of motorcycle fans. The Steel Rad Tyre Series demonstrates CEAT’s commitment to pushing limits and redefining motorcycle tyre quality.

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