The Baker’s Dozen Rises with $4 Million Funding Boost from Wipro Consumer Care Ventures and More

Rising Dough: The Baker’s Dozen Elevates Artisanal Bakery Experience with $4 Million Funding Infusion


In a significant milestone for artisanal bakery brand The Baker’s Dozen (TBD), the startup recently announced a successful fundraising round, securing an impressive $4 million in a Pre-Series A funding. The round was spearheaded by Wipro Consumer Care Ventures, with participation from Mirabilis Investment Trust, She Capital, and existing investor Fireside Ventures.

The Journey So Far: Founded in 2013 by the dynamic duo of Sneh Jain and Aditi Handa, TBD has steadily carved its niche in the bakery industry. With a strong presence in more than 40 cities, the Ahmedabad-based startup has become synonymous with high-quality artisanal products. The brand’s commitment to using natural ingredients sets it apart, offering a delectable range of bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, and premixes.

Funding Milestones: This recent funding round marks a significant chapter in TBD’s growth story. The startup previously secured approximately $3 million in June 2022, marking its first-ever round of funding. The infusion of funds comes at a crucial juncture as TBD gears up for its next phase of expansion.

Utilizing the Capital: TBD has outlined strategic plans for the newly acquired capital. The primary focus is on expanding its footprint beyond metro cities, reaching untapped markets and bringing the artisanal bakery experience to a broader audience. Additionally, the funds will play a pivotal role in enhancing the mass-premium segment of TBD’s product range, ensuring a wider consumer base for its natural and high-quality offerings.

Omnichannel Approach: TBD’s success can be attributed in part to its innovative and customer-centric approach. Operating via an omnichannel mode, the brand has effectively reached consumers through various channels, ensuring accessibility and convenience. This approach aligns with the changing dynamics of consumer behavior and preferences, providing a seamless shopping experience both online and offline.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Apart from the notable investment from Wipro Consumer Care Ventures, TBD has garnered support from Mirabilis Investment Trust, She Capital, and Fireside Ventures. These strategic partnerships not only validate the brand’s potential but also bring diverse expertise and insights to the table.


As The Baker’s Dozen embarks on its journey with a fresh injection of $4 million in funding, the future looks promising. With an unwavering commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and an expanding footprint, TBD is well-positioned to redefine the artisanal bakery landscape. As the startup continues to innovate and captivate consumers, it remains one to watch in the dynamic world of culinary entrepreneurship.

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