Trina Store Presents Elementa 2, A Game-Changing Energy Storage System.

  • Elementa 2 by Trina Storage: Enhanced safety with robust fire suppression.
  • Flexible modular design for seamless integration in diverse projects.
  • 16% improved energy density with upgraded LFP cell technology.
  • Comprehensive warranties, guarantees, and service packages available.
  • Space-saving design with a 26% reduction in footprint, optimizing costs.

Trina Store Presents Elementa :

Trina Storage recently unveiled Elementa 2, an Energy Storage System (ESS) with updated features such as sophisticated pack design, accurate thermal management with smart liquid cooling, and a powerful fire mitigation and suppression system.

A shift in grid-scale battery systems :

Trina Storage Elementa 2 is a paradigm change in grid-scale LFP battery systems, expertly created from Trina’s vertically integrated LFP cells. Helena Li, Interim President of Trina Solar, stated that in an ever-changing energy landscape, proactive adaptability to client needs is vital.
Vertical Integration Capability

Elementa 2 incorporates 306Ah Trina LFP cells, known for their safety, performance, and cycle longevity, with a total capacity of 4.07MWh. The revised battery pack design leads to a remarkable 16 percent increase in energy density. Trina Storage’s vertical integration strategy delivers strong customer value by leveraging in-house R&D, engineering, production, and testing resources.

Comprehensive Safety Measures :

With Elementa 2, safety is the number one priority. The system goes through multidimensional testing and focused design to improve fault detection precision at the cell level. Its protective design improves electrical and mechanical safety, with integrated fire hazard detection and suppression technologies that efficiently prevent thermal runaway scenarios.

Versatility Redefined :

Flexibility is a key aspect of Elementa 2. Its modular design allows for smooth integration and customisation across several markets and project applications. Elementa 2’s flexible augmentation function, which is available in both 2-hour and 4-hour versions, ensures scalability and allows for the easy addition of energy storage capacity.

Optimised Cost Efficiency :

Elementa 2 is notable for its space-saving capabilities, delivering a stunning 26% reduction in footprint. The standardised 20-foot size simplifies installations and considerably lowers transportation costs. Elementa 2 is designed for versatility and rapid deployment, reducing project costs while improving overall system performance.

Battery Storage System Solutions :

Trina Storage provides bankable energy storage solutions with full warranties, guarantees, and service packages. With Elementa 2, projects may be deployed quickly and cost-effectively, yielding in a lower Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) and significant savings in both Capex and Opex.

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