Supreme Court Seeks Centre’s Response on E-Gaming Companies’ Pleas Against GST Notice


In a significant legal development, the Supreme Court has issued notices to the Centre and the GST department in response to pleas filed by e-gaming companies Head Digital Works and Games24x7. The companies are challenging the government’s retrospective imposition of a 28% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the full value of bets placed, rather than on the gross gaming revenue. This move has sparked concerns within the online gaming industry, prompting legal action to address the challenges posed by the recent GST changes.

Background: In December of the previous year, the Supreme Court declined to grant interim relief against GST demand notices served to Games24x7 and Head Digital Works. The companies have since sought legal recourse to challenge the imposition of a 28% tax on the entire value of bets, irrespective of whether the outcome is influenced by skill or chance.

GST Challenges for the Online Gaming Industry: The recent amendments to the GST regulations have introduced a significant hurdle for the online gaming sector. The imposition of a 28% tax on the total value of bets, regardless of the role of skill or chance, has raised concerns among industry players. The shift from taxing gross gaming revenue to taxing the full value of bets has financial implications that are being contested by companies in the sector.


Supreme Court’s Directive: The apex court, acknowledging the gravity of the matter, has directed both the Centre and the GST department to respond to the pleas within a two-week timeframe. This sets the stage for a comprehensive examination of the legal aspects involved in the retrospective imposition of GST on e-gaming companies.

Next Steps: As the Centre and the GST department prepare their responses, the case is scheduled to be heard in the coming months. The outcome of this legal battle will not only impact the involved e-gaming companies but may also establish legal precedents for the taxation of online gaming activities in the country.


The Supreme Court’s intervention in response to the pleas filed by Head Digital Works and Games24x7 highlights the legal complexities arising from the recent GST changes affecting the online gaming industry. The forthcoming court proceedings will be closely watched by industry stakeholders and legal experts alike, as the outcome is expected to have far-reaching implications for the taxation framework governing the rapidly evolving e-gaming sector in India.

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