NCLT Gives Dunzo a Two-Week Extension to Pay Outstanding Dues1

Dunzo has been temporarily shielded from further insolvency proceedings by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) after being given a two-week extension to settle its debt with Betterplace Safety Solutions. Dunzo is having financial difficulties, as seen by several bankruptcies, late vendor payments, and delayed salary.

The Decision of NCLT and Its Consequences :

The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has given Dunzo two weeks to pay Betterplace Safety Solutions for its outstanding debt, which is a huge relief. For Dunzo, this prolongation could be of great importance in preventing more insolvency procedures in the near future.

The extension was granted by a bench made up of technical member Manoj Kumar Dubey and judicial member K Biswal following Dunzo’s attorney’s request for an additional 14 days to complete a settlement.


Statements from Counsel and Vendor Concerns :

Citing new investment proceeds and ongoing settlement conversations with lenders, Dunzo’s attorney stated that additional time was needed to address the matter.

“We and the lenders have been having serious settlement discussions. Additionally, we’ve been getting investments. Dunzo’s attorney stated, “We have until June 20th, two weeks, to attempt to resolve the problem.

To the other hand, Betterplace’s attorney emphasised how drawn out the settlement negotiations had been and expressed scepticism over Dunzo’s dedication and ability to pay the debts.

Fearing that without asset protection, Betterplace would have nothing left to them under the IBC’s corporate insolvency resolution process, the attorney requested asset protection to make sure Betterplace is paid. The next hearing before the tribunal is set on June 19.

Challenges in Finance and Operations :

Dunzo has a lot of financial issues. The firm owes Betterplace a substantial amount for a number of services, including hiring, asset management, background checks, and products.

Betterplace filed an insolvency application against Dunzo in February under Section 9 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) after the latter missed these payments. After a payment default, this part permits operational creditors to file for bankruptcy, yet it is still unknown how much Dunzo owes in total.

Attempts at Fundraising :

The NCLT extension follows rumours that, following a year of discussions, Dunzo may be nearing the completion of a new fundraising round. The expected $22 million to $25 million in revenues would be used to pay down outstanding debt, including employee salaries.

Kabeer Biswas, cofounder and CEO of Dunzo, stressed in an internal message that this agreement is intended to secure the company’s long-term survival. A combination of new and old investors’ loans and equity is used to finance the project.

Timeline of the Company and its Business Model :

Established in 2015 by Kabeer Biswas, Suri, Mukund Jha, and Ankur Aggarwal, Dunzo connects customers with local retailers to enable the delivery of a variety of goods, including groceries and medications. The company‘s hyperlocal distribution strategy initially helped it gain traction. Nevertheless, a significant spike in cash burn last year forced a reversion to this initial strategy.

Legal Difficulties and Financial Results :

Due to outstanding payments, Dunzo has received notifications from a number of well-known companies, including Google India, Nilenso, Clover Ventures, Facebook India, Cupshup, and Koo. The substantial financial losses incurred by the corporation exacerbate these legal constraints.

Dunzo’s losses increased to INR 1,801 crore in the fiscal year 2022–2023 (FY23) from INR 464 crore the year before. The company’s operating revenue increased by 317% year over year to INR 226.6 crore during the financial year that ended in March 2023, notwithstanding the losses.

upcoming prospects :

Dunzo’s immediate prospects are contingent upon his ability to reach a settlement with Betterplace during the two-week extension period that the NCLT has extended. Resolving its financial obligations and restoring operational stability will depend on obtaining the planned cash.

The result of the upcoming tribunal hearing on June 19 will be crucial in determining whether or not Dunzo can survive its current financial difficulties and carry on with its business.

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