Jinergy’s innovative anti-dust solar module is revolutionising solar efficiency.1

  • Jinergy’s anti-dust module features innovative frame design, enhancing rainwater cleansing.
  • Minimizes dust buildup, ensuring consistent efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Built on n-type TOPCon technology for superior performance and reliability.
  • Employs high-quality materials and advanced production processes for longevity.
  • Offers cost savings and uninterrupted energy production for enhanced economic benefits.

Introduction :

Jinergy, a Chinese solar manufacturing behemoth, has announced a pioneering anti-dust solar module, signalling a big advancement in solar technology. This innovative module has a unique frame design that optimises load performance while successfully resisting dust formation, assuring long-term efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.

Optimal Frame Design :

Jinergy’s anti-dust module uses a revolutionary frame design method to reduce dust collection. The lengthy frame design remains unmodified, but the narrow framework loses an A-side.This strategic structure allows the short frame to seamlessly connect with the glass surface, maximising the effectiveness of rainwater in removing dust particles. Furthermore, the design improves drainage and blowdown capacity, increasing the module’s self-cleaning capabilities and greatly lowering power generation loss due to dust and water collection.

Improved performance and reliability :

Ben Yu, Jinergy’s Director of Overseas Sales, emphasises how anti-dust modules improve solar performance and dependability. By minimising dust formation, these modules maintain consistent efficiency over long periods of time, preventing performance degradation and lowering the chance of failure. Owners gain from cost savings and unbroken production cycles, supporting a consistent and continuous energy output.

Technological superiority :

Jinergy’s anti-dust module symbolises technological superiority, as it is built on n-type TOPCon technology and uses high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. Jinergy’s rigorous product development has prioritised effective anti-dusting design alongside empirical validation and whole-lifecycle value considerations. This complete approach assures that the module not only meets, but surpasses, client expectations, providing unprecedented power generation efficiency and cost benefits for PV systems.

Conclusion :

Jinergy’s introduction of the anti-dust solar module signals a new era in solar innovation, emphasising efficiency and dependability. Jinergy continues to push the boundaries of solar technology with its clever frame design, technological expertise, and customer-centric attitude, providing users with cost-effective and efficient sustainable energy solutions.

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