iPhone Amazingly Lives After Falling 16,000 Feet from Alaskan Plane


An iPhone miraculously survived a breathtaking 16,000-foot fall from an Alaska Airlines aircraft after the window broke in midair in a rare occurrence. Surprisingly, there was not a single scratch or break on the device when it was found.

A mid-air window-shattering incident on Alaska Airlines flight ASA 1282 from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California resulted in multiple objects, including the iPhone, being ejected from the aircraft. A bystander on Barnes Road named Seanathan Bates came across an iPhone that was open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282 and was still in aeroplane mode with half of its battery remaining in it

Bates expressed his surprise on X (previously Twitter) by posting pictures of the remarkably undamaged iPhone and mentioning that it made it through the 16,000-foot fall without breaking. Bates brought up the fact that this was the second phone discovered in a comparable state. In addition to formally confirming the occurrence, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed the interesting fact that they had found another iPhone that was still functional following its shocking fall.

Although the precise model of the iPhone is still unknown, images suggest that it is either the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 15, with the latter having a dynamic island notch. The phone appeared to be undamaged by its free fall to the ground because it was discovered in flight mode and had triggered SOS mode.

The iPhone’s connection to the Alaska Airlines flight was further verified via an email with the subject line “Alaska Airlines Baggage Receipt.” Online debates have arisen, with some blaming Apple’s build quality for the iPhone’s survival and others praising the protective cover for keeping the handset safe during its sharp decline.

This unusual incident is consistent with other incidents in which iPhones have proven to be remarkably resilient. An iPhone that had been submerged underwater for nearly a year was discovered by a dive club involved in environmental cleanup in Madison, Wisconsin, last year. After being charged, the iPhone not only withstood the extended submersion but also performed flawlessly. Ellie Eisenberg, the owner, was identified by the phone’s data after she unintentionally dropped it while boating with friends in the summer of 2022.sharp decline.

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