Incognia Raises $31 Million to Strengthen Anti-Fraud Solutions

  • Incognia secures $31 million funding for anti-fraud tools.
  • Funding to expand presence in diverse regions and industries.
  • Technology integrates device fingerprinting and location data.
  • Offers advanced features reducing account takeovers and fraud.
  • Financial institutions witness 65% surge in fraud losses.
  • Recent cyber incidents emphasize urgent need for robust security.
  • AI advancements fuel an escalating arms race in fraud prevention.

Incognia raises $31 million for anti-fraud innovations :

In a crucial step towards improving anti-fraud capabilities, biometrics firm Incognia reported the successful raising of $31 million in funding. The financial injection, announced in a press statement on Wednesday (January 31), is intended to strengthen the company’s position in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, it intends to expand into the consumer internet, financial services, and eCommerce industries.

Pioneering Anti-Fraud Solutions :

Charles Birnbaum of Bessemer Venture Partners, who led the fundraising round, emphasised Incognia’s critical role in combating fraud across multiple client groups. He underlined fraudsters’ growing expertise in light of recent GenAI developments and widespread adoption of real-time payments. Incognia’s technology combines device fingerprinting with exact location intelligence to provide a dynamic risk assessment tool that adapts to different user activities.

Comprehensive security offerings :

Incognia’s product offerings include device tamper detection, enhanced location spoofing protection, and tamper-proof location verification for user identity. It also offers phishing-resistant and seamless account security measures. These features, whether used alone or in combination, produce significant results, such as an 80% reduction in account takeovers, a 51% decrease in fake account creation, and an 84% reduction in new user desertion.

Responding to escalating fraud trends :

The latest investment round is a big milestone for Incognia, following its $15 million raise in 2022. The timing is consistent with a troubling trend, as 43% of financial institutions reported an increase in fraud incidences over the preceding year. This surge resulted in a significant 65% increase in fraud losses, rising from $2.3 million in 2022 to $3.8 million by 2023.

Industry Challenges and Cybersecurity Incidents :

Recent cybersecurity disasters, such as the breach at mortgage business loanDepot earlier this month and the interruptions experienced by VF Corporation following a cyberattack in December, highlight the importance of effective security measures. These occurrences represent the changing threat landscape, in which organisations must strengthen their defences against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

AI Arm Race in Fraud Prevention :

Tobias Schweiger, CEO and co-founder of Hawk AI, agrees with Charles Birnbaum’s insights about the changing nature of fraud, which is being driven by advances in AI. Schweiger emphasised the dual deployment of AI by both ethical and harmful entities, seeing it as an increasing arms race. Financial institutions are urged to equip themselves with cutting-edge technology in order to successfully tackle fraudulent activity.

Finally, Incognia’s significant cash infusion demonstrates the company’s critical position in pioneering anti-fraud solutions in an ever-changing threat scenario. As organisations face rising fraud risks, employing modern technologies becomes critical to protecting against emerging threats and maintaining trust in digital transactions.

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