Noise Achieves $426 Million Valuation Following $10 Million Investment from Audio Giant Bose

Navigating Growth: Noise’s Strategic Partnership with Bose Marks a Milestone in Audio Tech Industry

Delhi NCR-based audio and wearable startup, Noise, has secured a significant milestone with a valuation of approximately $426 million (INR 3,541 crore) after successfully closing its Series A funding round, which saw a substantial investment from renowned audio giant Bose. The $10 million (INR 82.9 crore) infusion from Bose represents a 2.17% stake in Noise, marking the company’s first disclosed valuation since its inception.

Before this funding round, Noise had been entirely self-funded, making this Series A investment a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory. Regulatory filings accessed by Inc42 reveal that Noise issued 2,400 Series A preference shares to Bose as part of the funding arrangement.

The latest funding round positions Noise as a formidable player in the audio and wearable tech industry, attracting the attention and confidence of a major industry player like Bose. The valuation of $426 million underscores the market’s recognition of Noise’s potential and growth prospects.

While the specifics of the valuation are based on Inc42 estimates, the company’s cofounder, Gaurav Khatri, has been approached for further clarification on the valuation. Any updates from Khatri will be promptly incorporated into the story.

Despite the impressive valuation, Noise reported a substantial year-on-year decline in net profit for FY23, recording a decrease of over 97% to INR 88 lakh. This juxtaposition of valuation and net profit highlights the competitive nature of the audio and wearable tech sector, where companies strive to balance rapid growth with financial sustainability.

Noise’s collaboration with Bose not only injects significant capital but also opens avenues for strategic partnerships and technological advancements. The startup’s ability to leverage this partnership will be closely watched as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the audio and wearable technology market.

As Noise continues its journey post-funding, industry observers and stakeholders await further developments, anticipating the startup’s impact on the sector and how it will utilize the newfound resources to propel itself to greater heights.

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