Nitin Gadkari Stands Firm: Driverless Cars Won’t Hit Indian Roads

Nitin Gadkari Takes a Stand: Driverless Cars Face Roadblocks in India


In a bold stance against the tide of technological advancement, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has declared that driverless cars will not find a place on Indian roads. Citing concerns over potential job losses for drivers, Gadkari is determined to safeguard employment opportunities. This move comes amidst global developments in autonomous vehicle technology, raising questions about the future of mobility in India.

Protecting Jobs:

Expressing his firm opposition, Gadkari emphasized the potential impact on employment. He stated, “I will never allow driverless cars to come into India because it will take away the jobs of several drivers, and I will not let that happen.” The minister’s concern revolves around the estimated 70-80 lakh people who could face unemployment if autonomous vehicles were to become mainstream in the country.

Tesla’s Invitation and Manufacturing Clarification:

While addressing the issue, Gadkari clarified the government’s stance on Tesla’s presence in the Indian market. He affirmed that Tesla is invited to operate in India, but the manufacturing of vehicles in China for sales in India is not permissible. This statement reaffirms the government’s commitment to promoting local manufacturing and boosting the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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