New-Age Tech Stocks Soar in the First Week of 2024: Paytm Emerges as Second-Biggest Gainer After Fino

Navigating Volatility: A Closer Look at the Rollercoaster Ride of New-Age Tech Stocks in the First Week of 2024


As we step into the new year, the Indian stock market has witnessed a remarkable surge in new-age tech stocks during the first week of 2024. In a week marked by considerable volatility in the broader market, these tech-driven companies have shown resilience and growth. Inc42’s coverage reveals that fifteen out of the 19 new-age tech stocks have experienced gains, ranging from 0.3% to an impressive 12%.

Top Performers:

Fino Payments Bank has emerged as the star performer of the week, securing its position as the biggest winner among the covered tech stocks. The bank’s notable gains reflect investor confidence and a positive outlook for the fintech sector.

Paytm, despite recent challenges, showcased a strong comeback, recording nearly an 8% surge in the first week of 2024. This resurgence highlights the company’s ability to navigate challenges and regain investor trust.

Minor Setbacks:

While the majority of new-age tech stocks celebrated gains, a few faced minor setbacks. Zaggle, Nykaa, Nazara, and ideaForge were the only stocks in this segment to experience losses. It will be interesting to observe how these companies adapt and respond to market dynamics in the coming weeks.

Broader Market Trends:

Amidst the new-age tech stock rally, the broader market demonstrated a degree of volatility. The Sensex concluded the week with a marginal 0.3% decline, closing at 72,026.15, while the Nifty lost 0.1%, settling at 21,710.8 on Friday’s session. This mixed performance emphasizes the unique trajectory of tech stocks in contrast to the broader market trends.


The positive momentum observed in the first week of 2024 signals a promising start for new-age tech stocks in the Indian market. Despite challenges and market fluctuations, companies like Fino Payments Bank and Paytm showcase the resilience and potential of the tech sector. Investors and industry enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on how these trends evolve throughout the year, eagerly anticipating further developments and success stories in the ever-evolving landscape of Indian technology stocks.

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