Finayo Secures INR 16 Cr Funding to Revolutionize EV Financing Through Innovative SaaS Platform

Pioneering EV Financing with Finayo’s SaaS: Revolutionizing Credit Decisions and Accelerating Sustainable Transportation


In a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of Electric Vehicle (EV) financing, Finayo, a B2B SaaS startup founded in 2020, has successfully raised INR 16 Cr (approximately $1.9 Mn) in a strategic funding round. The infusion of capital comes from a blend of debt and equity sources, with prominent contributors including F Mec International Financial Services Limited, Choice Finserv Private Limited, India Accelerator, and seasoned angel investor Manish Mehta.

Empowering EV Financing through Technology:

Finayo stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging its AI-powered platform to bridge the gap between lending partners and customers of EV retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The startup’s primary objective is to streamline the credit decision-making process, allowing for quicker and more efficient transactions.

Founded by Brajendra Singh Tomar and Yogesh Prakash, Finayo’s inception in 2020 marked the beginning of a mission to digitize the entire spectrum of EV lending portfolios. This encompasses various financial products, including vehicle loans, EV charging infrastructure loans, and loans tailored for EV retailers.

Funding Partners and Visionaries:

The recent funding round saw key contributions from F Mec International Financial Services Limited and Choice Finserv Private Limited, underscoring the industry’s recognition of Finayo’s potential to revolutionize the EV financing sector. Additionally, India Accelerator and angel investor Manish Mehta’s participation reflects a shared vision for the future of sustainable and technology-driven transportation.

Strategic Allocation of Funds:

With the newly acquired funds, Finayo is poised to enhance its capabilities and offerings. The startup envisions optimizing fleet management processes, fostering financial inclusion, and playing a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

Outlook on the Future:

As the world shifts towards sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation, Finayo’s commitment to facilitating seamless and tech-driven financing solutions for the EV sector positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape. The infusion of INR 16 Cr further solidifies Finayo’s position as an industry leader, ready to shape the future of electric mobility through innovative financial solutions.


Finayo’s successful funding round marks a significant milestone not only for the startup but for the entire electric mobility ecosystem. With a clear vision, robust technology infrastructure, and strategic financial backing, Finayo is well-positioned to drive positive change in the way we finance and adopt electric vehicles. The journey ahead promises exciting developments as Finayo continues to carve a niche in the intersection of finance and sustainable transportation.

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