MobiKwik Faces Legal Turbulence Over Alleged Non-Payment of Dues to Vendor

Navigating Legal Storms: MobiKwik’s Uphill Battle Amidst Allegations of Unsettled Dues


As MobiKwik sets its sights on a fresh round of public funding, a cloud of legal uncertainty looms over the fintech unicorn. A recent complaint filed by Xplore Private Limited accuses MobiKwik and its directors – Bipin Preet Singh, Chandan Joshi, Upasana Taku, Sayali Karanjkar, and Navdeep Singh Suri – of non-payment for services rendered. The alleged failure to settle 12 invoices has led to a legal dispute, threatening to mar the company’s image as it embarks on its second attempt to go public.

The Allegations:

Xplore Private Limited, the complainant in the case, claims that MobiKwik owes a substantial sum of INR 1.61 Crores for services provided. The complaint alleges that the fintech giant failed to clear the 12 invoices submitted by Xplore, thereby causing a significant financial loss to the vendor. This unexpected legal entanglement comes at a crucial juncture for MobiKwik as it endeavors to raise INR 700 Crores through a fresh issue of shares in its Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) filed with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

MobiKwik’s Response:

In response to the legal action, MobiKwik is expected to mount a robust defense, asserting its position and offering clarification on the alleged non-payment. The startup, which has been a prominent player in the Indian fintech landscape, may need to address the concerns raised by the complainant to safeguard its reputation, especially as it seeks investor confidence during its upcoming public offering.

Implications for MobiKwik’s IPO Plans:

The timing of this legal dispute is critical for MobiKwik, given its plans to raise INR 700 Crores through a fresh issue of shares. Investors are likely to closely monitor how the company manages and resolves this legal challenge, as it could impact the fintech unicorn’s valuation and perception in the market. Any negative fallout from the case may cast a shadow over the IPO, affecting investor sentiment and potentially leading to a reevaluation of MobiKwik’s market standing.


As MobiKwik navigates the complexities of a legal battle over alleged non-payment of dues to a vendor, the fintech giant must tread carefully to safeguard its reputation and reassure potential investors. The outcome of this legal dispute could significantly influence the success of MobiKwik’s upcoming IPO and shape perceptions of the company’s financial integrity in the competitive landscape of the fintech industry.

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